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Punta Cana is more than just resorts. There is also a lot to do outside the walls of the hotel. Those who spend a day at Los Corales can enjoy beach and fine dining. Our editor Angelo lists his ideal day in restaurants.

Good food starts with a nice place, with a well-thought setting.

I love a restaurant or breakfast spot where you can enjoy not only with your taste buds but also with your eyes. When I choose a restaurant, I also always make sure I like the way it looks. That makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. So here are my recommendations in Punta Cana.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It immediately sets the tone for a day full of energy. One of my favorite spots in Punta Cana is Dalias. The menu includes omelets, sandwiches, breakfast cakes and tarts. But you can also go for the classic Dominican breakfast dish like Mangú (mashed plantain with cheese, egg and fried salami) or Mofongo. 


For lunch, I like to descend to the beach. In Punta Cana, there is a tasty beach bar called Soles. Here you can find classics like ceviche, burgers. But you can also go there for tasty grill dishes and paella with seafood. 

Soles is right on the beach so after lunch you can immediately go down to the beach chairs and enjoy a day of sun and sea. Every weekend there is also a DJ playing electronic music starting in the afternoon. You will hardly want to leave, I promise you.


Those who want fine dining in the evening have many options in Punta Cana. My two favorites are Citrus and Bruja. In Citrus, you can find mostly fusion cuisine, such as sushi, tuna tataki, tacos, fresh pasta and much more. Besides the food, the interior is also beautiful to look at. Be sure to get a spot inside, then you can enjoy an interior with a vintage vibe mixed with tropical colors and plants.

Then at Bruja, you can go for dishes like Fish & Chips, grilled steak tenderloin, or slow-cooked short ribs. The cocktails here are also definitely worth checking out. Ask for the Shangu, which comes in a unique cup and is served with smoked cinnamon. Bruja’s setting resembles a mix of a warehouse and a typical American grill bar.

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This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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