Tournée Minérale: Foodpairing without alcohol


Join us for a month without alcohol during the 9th edition of Tournée Minerale. Need motivation or inspiration? We have ideas and facts ready for you for a whole month. We will start with alcohol-free food pairing.

Fewer and fewer people drink alcohol. And during the Tournée Minerale more people skip their regular hit of alcohol. The whole month of February wants to motivate you to do the same and leave alcohol aside for one month. And that doesn’t have to be boring or annoying. Today we take you on a journey to the world of food pairing.

What is foodpairing?

Food pairing refers to a certain skill or method that combines dishes, flavors and ingredients. This technique has been widely used in restaurants in recent years because it takes the taste experience to a higher level. Traditionally, food pairing involves combining with spirits, wine or beers. But it can also be done perfectly without alcohol or with alcohol substitutes such as Seedlip’s gin without gin.

Foodpairing with tea

The world of tea is also very diverse. It is perhaps not difficult to understand that you can combine a lot of dishes with tea. Tea can match with your dish, provide contrast or balance the taste of the dish. In Asian cuisine, the concept of drinking tea with any dish is already a common habit. 

Curious how you can pair dishes with tea? Carlos coffee will hold a workshop ‘Food pairing cheese and tea’ on Wednesday February 22nd. In addition to the well-known teas, you will also get acquainted with iced teas, milk-based tea, and you will get insights on food pairing with cheese.

Need more inspiration? You can still visit us for more ideas throughout February. Share your alcohol-free adventure with us via and #blogzinealcoholfree #blogzinealcoholvrij.

This article has been written by @Angelo Vero

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