These are Cindy’s top favorite summer shoes

Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Summer is in full swing and we enjoy wearing the colorful, flamboyant and breezy dresses. And with a fresh summer outfit come matching shoes. We show you our favorite models in this article. All selected via Sacha, Cindy’s favorite shoe store.

I make shoe contact before eye contact

Create a colorful summer

What I love most about summer? That’s without a doubt all the vibrancy in the cities, the happiness people radiate and the colorful outfits that fill the streets. And every time the season arrives, my dressing instantly changes from neutral beige and dark tones to light, bold and cheerful colors.

With this turnaround, comes of course an upgrade to the shoe closet. Because if you bring vibrancy to your closet, then your shoes should get some love too, right? That’s why I selected for you my three favorite sandals from Sacha. Each of them is ideal for a night out, to wear on vacation or to give your outfit that extra eye catcher.

These are Cindy’s favorites

In addition to trendy, stylish and classic designs, I think comfort is also very important. Maybe even the most important! Because walking in a pair of shoes that hurt after 10minutes is anything but pleasant nor stylish. That’s why I have a pair of wedges in my shoe collection every season. But to give it that summer touch I chose these beige wedges in espadrille style. They will turn any outfit into a fresh summer look! And I prove that here with this Sunday brunch outfit.

And if you prefer, the wedged espadrilles are also available in black!

Of course, in addition to espadrilles and colored sandals, you have other models at Sacha that should not be missing from your summer wardrobe. We therefore invite you to discover their entire collection on their website. And by the way, did you see that they have a collection for men? So even your brother, boyfriend or dad can spend the summer in style!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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