The best Netflix series for Interior Design enthusiasts

Credits: Studio McGee – Netflix

Interior design is a passion that many of us have. We enjoy making our own place a home, and we can do that by adding elements that reflect our personality. Interior design has also been a topic within Blogzine for a long time, as Cindy always had the dream of becoming an interior stylist. And so she greatly enjoys watching Netflix Interior series. Discover her favorites today!

As we evolve, our homes should, too

Dream Home Makeover

Let’s start with my top favorite: Dream Home Makeover. A three seasons series where Shea and Syd McGee work together as a power couple and realize their dreams as entrepreneurs. With their business “Studio McGee” they help dreams come true for real families looking to update their home tailored to their own unique style. From bohemian chique, to light minimalistic and beach vibes. They realize it all!

Get Organized with The Home Edit

I started watching this series because, as a Virgo, I am hugely obsessed with a clean and organized home. Everything has its place, in different boxes or jars and this show does just this organization for others.

The two entrepreneurial women behind The Home Edit are Joanna and Clea. They are experts in organizing homes. Both for celebreties and everyday clients. They help them to clean up, throw things away, and thanks to categorizing their stuff, contain their clutter to create stunning spaces. And this often with their own signature touch: organizing everything by color and using the same types of baskets/structure. The Virgo in me is tremendously satisfied by this!

Instant Dream House

Currently, I’m still watching Instant Dream House, but they undoubtedly deserve a spot in this article! In fact, the team helps families who care immensely about their community to transform their home into a calming, comfortable and safe place. Because often their busy jobs have left their homes unmaintained and they are really in need of some love. And the best part of the show? They do it all in just 12 hours!

The Tiny House Nation

This is without a doubt one of the most inspiring design shows to watch on a lazy Sunday. After all, you sit through the seasons right away without thinking about it.

Tiny House Nation is about families who, for various reasons, are moving into smaller homes. And host John Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin travel across the US to help these families prepare for the tiny lifestyle and create hyper-adapted mini homes. You’ll be amazed at how creative and innovative they are!

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This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK – All pictures are copyrighted by Netflix

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