Seasonal Trend: Earthy Colours For A Sophisticated Look

If it were up to Captain Cork, you would not see dark blue, bordeaux or green as accent colours this autumn, but brown. The sustainable and vegan handbag brand has declared brown to be the trend colour of the season. 

Goodbye Black. Hello Brown!

From chocolate brown to tobacco, the underappreciated colour is now the go-to chic colour in all its shades. That is, if the influencers and fashion legends are to be believed. Even on the Instagram feeds, we can’t ignore it anymore: the trend colour of this autumn is brown and neutral shades. 

This is remarkable, considering that brown has been losing out to its rivalling darker shades such as black, dark grey and navy blue for decades. In the last year, brown has barely been seen in fashion.

A love of brown tones thanks to the green wave

So we can really speak of a new revival. Where did the interest in brown tones come from so suddenly?

The ‘green wave’ is definitely behind it. There is a prevailing interest in minimalism, natural and sustainable materials. And this has now reached the world of fashion. We see the understated label appearing more and more often on catwalks and in street style. 

Earthy tones are dominating the street scene more and more, a chic and sophisticated look. 

Nature as a source of inspiration

At Captain Cork, we have long understood that nature is the best source of inspiration. Our autumn collection therefore fully responds to your need to get closer to nature. 

Black, brown and tobacco are our natural pigments that are deeply impregnated in our quality cork. Not just a “layer” of paint like with leather goods but carefully but deeply tanned with water without chemicals. Layer after layer so that your cork bag is fully resistant to scratches and discoloration. 

The deep pigmentation of earthy tones on a natural product gives an incredible depth and layering. Never have you been so close to nature as with your Captain Cork bag made entirely from tree bark. 

To this splendour Captain Cork adds another dimension by combining the design with our signature lasercut technique. We carefully cut out the cork in symmetrical patterns and combine them with coloured sheets of cork. The result is a breathtaking 3D effect on your bag. 

Discover the full Seasonal AW2021-2022 Collection by Captain Cork now on their webshop. Let us know your thoughts about this Brown revival on social media. 

This article has been written in collaboration with Captain Cork

2 responses to “Seasonal Trend: Earthy Colours For A Sophisticated Look

  1. As a ‘forever black lover’ I am surprisingly happy with this trend! It’s something new again yet it feels as seeing an old friend back.

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