Men’s Shaving Rituals: How To Do It Correctly

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Millions of men shave their beards or heads daily. And that’s not always without its worries. Fortunately, at MEN³ they know all about the best shaving techniques. And today we’re sharing them with you. 

Most men have been shaving since they were 16, but never really received instructions from their fathers.  Without the proper techniques, it is not surprising that many do not get the shave they want. Here are some answers to the two most frequently asked questions about male shaving.

How do you prevent redness and irritation after shaving?

16 000 times is the average number of times a man shaves in his life. That’s what we call an invasion of the skin. Because when done incorrectly, it can lead to itching, irritation and redness in the beard area. Remember this for your next shave to avoid this: 

1. Solid preparation

Proper preparation is important to get a smooth shave without an abundance of irritation. After all, the grooming aspect plays an important role while shaving. Time to change this! Your shaving ritual, and the products you use to do so, are also part of your personal grooming routine.

Beard hair is very strong and that’s why you need warm water and shaving soap to soften it. Depending on your beard hair and skin, it is sometimes a good idea to apply a special pre-shave before shaving. This is mainly to protect the skin from shaving wounds and allow your blade to glide better without irritation. Men who suffer from flaking, itching, irritation, eczema, dry and/or sensitive skin in the beard area are strongly advised to use a pre-shave.

Many people reach for specific products when they suffer from dry or irritated skin – while their shaving ritual remains unchanged. So invest not only in a moisturizer but also in a protective pre-shave or conditioning shaving soap. Your skin will thank you.

Tip: If you have hypersensitivity, eczema or beard dandruff, do not use alcohol-based aftershaves.  

2. The right blade

If you’re still not using a safety razor for shaving right now, we can only tell you that a whole new world will open up for you once you get the hang of it. Commercial disposable and replaceable razors and electric shavers will never give you the same results. Your shaves are much more likely to cause you irritation and are more expensive too!

How do you properly shave your head bald?

Maybe you recognize it…Your hair is thinning, your stylish hairstyle is not what it used to be and you decide to shave your head instead. For some men a shaved head even brings back a dominant and young look. The look you are looking for.

Shaving your head completely bald is a challenge if you’ve never done it before. Do you want to try it immediately we recommend you to follow these steps:

1. Start by shaving away your remaining hair with the clippers.

2. Massage your scalp with pre-shave to maximize skin protection. The MEN³ pre-shave is absolutely essential for obtaining a smooth shave and avoiding irritation and minor shaving cuts on your head.

3. Make your shaving cream and apply abundantly to the scalp with a brush. This also gives a wonderful feeling!

4. For ultra-smooth results, shave a bald head with an authentic open razor or safety razor.

Tip: If it is your first time to do this we recommend that you do not start with safety razor or open blade, but a regular cartridge with 3 blades will do. There are also special razors for scalps that follow your head contours more easily if you have to rely on your feelings. 

5. Don’t forget to give your bald head the care it deserves. MEN³ aftershave not only has a healing effect on minor cuts but also cares for your scalp and keeps it healthy. Bye bye dry flakes, redness and eczema!

The Result?

A smooth and healthy scalp without crusts or bumps. For some men, a shaved head is even going to give back that dominant and young look. 

Be sure to apply these tips the next time you go back to shaving your beard or head. Want more techniques or tips? Visit the MEN³ website to upgrade your shaving game.

This article has been written in collaboration with MEN³

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