Fem Boss: Together, we break taboos and make a change

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For several weeks now, we have been sharing with you inspiring stories of female bosses who are making a difference. And today we share the story of Julie. She is the founder of the project “Op Tafel“. With this she is literally putting the taboo on the table about genital mutilation or female circumcision. Today on Blogzine, she shares her story about her fight against it.

Julie Tamsin, founder of the charity “Op Tafel,” launched her project in the summer of 2022. And it began with her parents’ retirement. Their their flooring and tiles business was being completely emptied and all the materials were going into the dumpster. That’s when Julie sprang into action: because there was quite a bit left to do with those boards. And so, amidst a cloud of dust and the clatter, the idea arose to create a one-off table collection. And not just any tables, tables that served a higher purpose.

We bring inspiring stories to the table and break taboos!

Tables with a higher purpose

The goal came naturally after hearing the story about Waris Dirie. A Somali woman who was circumcised at the age of five, genitally mutilated for life.

Not long after, she saw the movie “Desert Flower”. This movie is based on her life and she also read several books that addressed the topic. The stories gripped her. For it is estimated that around 3 million girls worldwide, mostly very young, are mutilated for life every year. So many young girls go through hell in the name of “tradition. The pains the girls have to endure are unimaginable and never go away. Not to mention, of course, the resulting trauma. High time, then, to take up the fight against female circumcision. And that is exactly what Julie is doing, together with the “On Table” project.

African, Asian and South American countries are the countries most known for this tradition. And together with a local project, she supports the “Blijf van mijn lijfje” action of the organization “Hope for Kabondo.

How can you help make a difference?

First, of course, is the collection that allows you to contribute your support. The “Op Tafel Collection” is a one-time. The collection consists of side tables, which can also serve as plant or night tables, made entirely from recycled materials. The tabletops consist of parquet samples, the bases were collected through thrift stores and flea markets. So no two tables are the same, which makes this collection unique.

Don’t have room for a table, but would like to support the project? Then make a free donation. All proceeds from the ‘Op Tafel’ action will be transferred in full to this local project.

Finally, there is also the Podcast “Op Tafel”. In this Julie takes you behind the scenes of the project, shares her knowledge and provides awareness. Because the more people break the taboo, the more women and girls can be helped every day.

Are you inspired by Julie’s story and want to share your story with us too? If so, send it to partnerships@blogzine.be. This way you too can keep others informed about your projects, share your vision and unique entrepreneurial journey!

This article has been written in collaboration with “Op Tafel

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