Fem Boss: Long Live the Matchmaker

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In our Fem Boss section today, we’re talking about love. Or at least about a businesswoman who has made love and matchmaking her profession and mission. You can read all about it in this article.

Meet Ineke, dating coach, single coach, relationship coach, sexologist and matchmaker. Love has no secrets for her anymore and that’s why her business is all about love. 

Her entrepreneurial journey started 8 years ago, meanwhile she successfully runs three businesses. And now she launched her very own matchmaking service, Alles is Liefde. It is her mission and passion to bring people together who wouldn’t meet eachother otherwise.

As an entrepreneur who loves entrepreneurship and people she knows how hard finding love can be if you are busy running your business. There simply is no time to look for love. That is why she focuses her matchmaking service on other entrepreneurs. She understand who they are and what they look for in a partner. Being great at doing business, often means being bad at finding love. That is where she comes in. 

The death of the dating apps

Ineke believes that the era of finding love through dating apps and websites is over. Because most of them leave you frustrated. Endless swiping, meaningless chats, fake profiles, ghosting,… No thanks!

Most sites or apps have one thing in common; a huge quantity, but no quality. That is why users are now stepping away from them and put their time and energy back into their hobbies, family or other meaningful things. But interacting with people you already know and see almost every day, doesn’t necessarily help you find love either. Going to to the gym every day, or spending time with your friends, just doesn’t lead towards that perfect match. Getting some help from a matchmaker on the other hand might be all you need. 

“I have a 92% success rate.

I love to help people fall in love and be happy.”

Ineke uses interviews, personality tests, house visits, coachings, and many more methods to assess anyone who signs up for her matchmaking service. Before sending them off on a date she spends time finding the right candidates. After every date she needs to know what happened or what what went wrong so she can adjust for the next date with another possible match. On an average she spents 60 to 90 hours of work finding her clients love. Clients love her persistence, enthusiasm and work ethic. Because she never quits until she finds the perfect match her success rate is 92%. 

Looking for love? Sing up for her Alles is Liefde database, it’s free. 

Credits: AtFirstClick.be for “Alles is Liefde”

Matchmaking in Belgium 

Although many think matchmaking is a foreign concept, even closer to home the service is becoming more popular. In the Netherlands matchmaking is very common, people love it because of the scientific approach. In Belgium its quite new. With Alles is Liefde Ineke wants to make it big. Because a lot of people are waiting to find love and the interest among singles is huge. She also works together with other matchmakers, because maybe your true love is in their database. 

Ineke’s advice for entrepreneurs

Don’t wait to find love because you are busy with working on your business. Sign up for a matchmaking service and let someone else do it for you. Finding the right partner will help you in the long run. Being with someone who makes you truly happy gives you more energy. 

You can follow Alles is Liefde on instagram or have a look at the website. Looking for love right now? Sign up for her database

Credits: AtFirstClick.be for “Alles is Liefde”

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This article has been written in collaboration with Alles Is Liefde.

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