Discover more than 10 Saint-Nicholas presents under 50 euros


“How does the horse hop up and down the deck”, we can no longer avoid it: St. Nicholas has arrived in our country. The current living conditions thanks to COVID-19 do not make it easy for us, parents. This year we are forced to buy our gifts online. Can’t you see the trees through the forest anymore? Check out these fifteen sustainable top gifts under 50 euros.

Kid sneed the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity. 

December is just around the corner and that is often accompanied by stress, even if you have children walking around the house. Looking for presents for St. Nicholas, Christmas and New Year, admit it is quite an expensive month if you have children. But don’t worry, we at Blogzine went looking for nice gifts that our good friend St. Nicholas can bring, all under 50 euros.

Gifts up to €10

Londji tattoos jungle – €6,95

I don’t know about you, but I used to think it was super cool to walk around with those slab tattoos. Unfortunately it soon became clear that I was allergic to this – often anyway – piece of shit. Luckily you now have these tattoos Jungle that are safe and non-toxic. They are designed with eco-friendly ink. This ten-piece set is safe to apply and even easier to remove with soap and water or a little baby oil.  

Magic Pens – €8,50 

Every child can use a little magic in his life and these markers guarantee hours of discovery pleasure. Your child can draw and color to his heart’s content with these markers. If you then go over the drawing with the white marker, the colors will change. Bet your child will be impressed? 

Wooden jigsaw puzzle Deer Friends – €9,95

Jigsaw puzzles, I never understood what my daughter liked so much about them. But they are successful with the smallest. These puzzles stimulate the motor skills and especially this cheerful puzzle by Done by Deer will be a success thanks to the recognizable figures.

Skip Hop Zoo Bath toys – €9,99

This unicorn and fox make in bath go already super fun. The set consists of two floating triplets of which you can change the mermaid tail. They are not only made of durable material, they are also easy to clean. Check out the website of Tinny Lttle Thingz for more variations. 

Plantoys family cars  – €10

Toy cars they are often a success. But I am sometimes frightened of the cost price. Such a toy car can quickly cost some money. Luckily I found this three-piece set of Plantoys. Cheap and durable too!

Gifts up to €20

The step by step drawing book – €12,99

Drawing has never been easier, because thanks to this book, your child will discover how to draw a cat, castle, tent, camel. In no time at all, your child will learn 150 drawing ideas through easy-to-follow steps. It’s also an ideal tool for when your child asks you to draw something and you have no idea how to do it.

Little Dutch xylophone – €15,45

Thanks to this durable xylophone your child will discover the seven musical notes. An ideal gift for small musicians to take their first steps in the music world. This xylophone by Little Dutch is also available in pink shades. 

Little Thingz

Wooden fishing game – €19,95

I can assure you; with this game young children are sweet for a long time. This game is ideal as a board game but it can also be used as a fantasy game. At our house it was already a great success.

Gifts up to €35

Hapa take away swing – €22 

Thanks to the lockdown we have become real nature lovers and avid hikers. Our daughter is having fun in the forest and this swing i an ideal addition, that’s why it’s on our Sint-lijst. You can take this take-away swing anywhere and hang it up. It can carry up to 100 kilos, which makes it our favorite outdoor toy. 

Erasable drawing book – €22,95 

Is your child also a creative draughtsman? Isn’t that wonderful? Just a shame about all that paper being thrown away, don’t you think?! That’s why this unique, reusable chalk book with chalk plates is a must have for your list. This durable and eco-friendly drawing book is also ideal for on the road in the car, on vacation, or in a restaurant, isn’t it?!

Plan Toys doctor set – €32

Thanks to this ecological and sustainable doctor set, your child can playfully get acquainted with ‘going to the doctor’. The set is ideal for role-playing and your child will amaze you with his amount of imagination. Thanks to the stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, syringe and knee hammer, your child can start working as a doctor.

Gifts up to €50

Kid’s Concept baking set – €37

Do you have a little baker at home? Then this baking set is ideal for the list of the Saint. This wooden baking set with accessories ensures that your child in no time the tastiest cookies bake. Thanks to the scale, rolling pin, beater, cookie tin, knife and bowl your child can get started. By the way, did you know that the Kid’s Concept brand develops toys that last for generations? Highly recommended! 

Wooden story wooden building blocks XL – €45 

Make a tower as high as possible with windows or build a bridge by using the right shapes in the right place. The possibilities are endless thanks to these Rainbow wooden Building Blocks from Wooden Story. In this XL cotton bag your child can work with as many as 50 blocks.

Playhouse color – in – €49,95

Two in one, thanks to this nice playhouse by Mister Tody. Your children can get to work by pimping the cardboard house with paint to their heart’s content. When their work is done they can start organizing their own housewarming party.

Above articles can be purchased directly through the webshops. All these webshops will deliver your gift in time for December 6. Thanks to your purchase at these shops you don’t only buy durable, but you also support the local, Belgian shops. Great in these times, isn’t it?

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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