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International Women’s Day, is celebrated worldwide on March 8th. And on the occasion of this special day, where we highlight all women, Cindy shares with you her three most inspiring women. From entrepreneurs to style icons, you will discover them in this article.

I am a woman. What is your super power?

#1 Christine Quinn

We’re not going to hide it, since the start of the famous Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” I’ve been Christine’s No. 1 fan. And I’m not talking about the drama most people know her for, but just for her entrepreneurial insight, how she chooses to put herself first and pursue her dreams as a woman. Of course, in addition to being a powerful character, she was also a style icon! Yep, I’m totally a fan. Such a fan that even her book is at my desk. Because sometimes when I doubt certain projects or ideas, I think, “If Christine can do it, so can I!”.

Be inspired by this boss lady and follow her on Instagram via @TheChristineQuinn.

Photo Credits: Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

#2 Alicia Roddy

Style icons can be found all over Social Media. But Alicia Roddy, also known as Lissy on Instagram, really stands out. Her style is a mix between minimalist and grudge, with a pop of color, fur or other fun fabric each time. Plus, we both share the same love for designer handbags and greenery.

You can find her amazing looks via @LissyRoddyy on Instagram.

Photo Credits: Alicia Roddy

#3 Olga Menist

They always say: everyone has a double walking around somewhere, and in terms of style, Olga is totally my twin sister. Olga is a Dutch influencer with roots in Mozambique. And when we talk about the love for colors, eye-catching accessories, unique shoes, handbags and traveling to exotic destinations: she is totally my girl.

Follow all her colorful publications through @OlgaMenist.

Photo Credits: Olga Menist

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This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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