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Cindy Van Dyck

It all started 13 years ago, when I wrote my very first blog article ever. Back then, as one of the first 10 Belgian bloggers, I didn’t yet realize the importance of profiling yourself online. Today, I’ve immersed myself in it to the point where I help entrepreneurs with their online identity and visibility through the Blogzine Academy. Besides supporting these brands, I’ve also been active as a content creator, or influencer, for more than a decade. And I love working on my greatest passion: photography!

On this page you will find stories about my personal challenges in life, what inspires me and some delicious KETO recipes. Enjoy!

Cindy's E-books

Next to sharing personal columns, Cindy also write Social Media e-books. Download them today to upgrade your online visibility!

Social Media Insights
E-books as a Passive Income
360 Social Media Branding
Seasonal Social Media Campaigns
Build your Social Media Calendar
Storytelling as a Marketing Tool