Captain Cork: the best mouth masks for children

Credits: Captain Cork

Since the end of last year, the mouth mask requirement was introduced for children from the age of 6. Meanwhile, there is already a lot of controversy on the topic. And although everyone would rather get rid of them, the obligation still stands. Time to move on and make the best of it. And that, according to Ina De Quint from Captain Cork, would be a cork mouth mask.

Preferably not but if you really have to do it then do a cork mouth mask.

Of course we prefer to see the sweet face of our little heart. As a mom, Ina de Quint couldn’t agree more. Masks for children? Preferably not. But if it really has to be “real” then preferably one in cork.

Why do you need to choose for cork?

There are, of course, many reasons to choose cork. But we list the most important ones for you:

– Cork is washable at hot temperatures and can even be boiled and steamed

– Cork is ultralight, wonderfully soft and flexible

– Cork is naturally antibacterial

– Cork is durable and incredibly strong

– Cork is completely natural and chemical-free

In other words, a cork mouth mask is healthier, more hygienic and more comfortable to wear.

Good for people, animals and nature

The Captain Cork cork products are handmade in our Portuguese ateliers and completely fair trade. Everyone involved in the extraction, processing and distribution of cork is paid fairly and works under the best conditions.

There is no trace of animal products in Captain Cork products, which is why they are PETA vegan certified.

Cork comes from the cork oak tree that is manually peeled every 8 years. The bark regenerates and in that process the tree converts as much as 3 to 5 times more CO2 to much needed oxygen.

The cutest patterns and colors, a mask to be proud of

Sustainability does not have to be boring at all. We use natural pigments to make the cutest colors and patterns. The apple of your eye will choose its favorite cork mask with pleasure. What a punishing cork story to tell on the playground.

Are you convinced of the mouth mask requirement for children? And are you still looking for a nice one? Then be sure to check out Captain Cork’s fantastic collection.

Would you like to share your ideas or talk about the wearing of mouth masks by children? Then feel free to share them in the comments below or through on Instagram.

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