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What if in one week you could learn everything you need to find clients faster and close more and better deals? BSAP is what you need; read on to find out more about it!

One of the hardest things as an entrepreneur is selling, we notice at the Blogzine Academy. Most entrepreneurs know how come up with a new product. But soon as figures, sales strategies or how to convince B2B customers to choose your products come up, uncertainty slowly creeps in. 

The key to selling is: confidence in your company and your products and following a well-designed plan. In recent years we have successfully transformed many companies into real masters of sales. And now it’s your turn, because thanks to BSAP we open our years of expertise to you. 

Participate in BSAP

BSAP stands for the Blogzine Sales Accelerator Program and will take place from May 23 to 27, under the guidance of business coach and expert Angelo Vero. During this five days online training  (in Dutch only) you will learn how to find and convince B2B customers of your offer faster.

The training is really made for brands and companies that like to see their products sold in a retail store, concept store or at the beauticians and hairdressers. For anyone who wants to learn how to close deals faster and more beautifully. Pre-starters and startups are also welcome!

Every day (from Monday to Friday) there is a training around a specific theme from 6 pm to 8 pm. Not only during the live trainings, but throughout the week you can ask questions to the expert. You will immediately receive advice and a roadmap tailored to your business

What topics will be covered? 

During BSAP, the meesy important themes are covered. The issues that most brands experience problems with or could use help with, such as: 

– Setting targets and creating an efficient sales plan

– Working with a CRM and lead management

– Creating clear PDFs and creatives to convince more customers

– Cold calling and visiting techniques to close better deals faster

– Emailing and work flows to waste less time

In addition, we will also zoom in on issues such as ’to work on consignment or not’, margins, sales and elevator pitch, and so on.

Premium Package 

If you cannot attend the live training for one or more days, you can still participate, thanks to the replay videos and downloads in the premium package. This way you decide when and where you attend the training. The downloads include printables, templates and a handy sales accelerator spreadsheet to get you started in the coming years. 

There is an early bird discount until March 31st that allows you to save up to €100 on your participation. So sign up today to be part of this amazing training! 

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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