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Creating different types of content, that also delivers engagement, remains important every day. And to inspire you and show you different ways to create it, today we share with you not only the importance of it, but also some ideas!

Become a master at not just creating content, but repurposing content.

The importance of creating content

Every day you are reminded: create and publish content to strengthen your Social Media profiles. So a strong Social Media plan is indispensable. But more importantly, why do you need to create, generate and publish this content?

The answer is very simple: your publications are part of your marketing strategy. Through it, you can compete with other companies, show the personality behind your business and inform about what you offer. Whether it’s a product or service, content brings everything into focus.

What’s important here is that you focus on quality, not quantity. Create posts that inform and persuade them. This way, you increase traffic on your website and can increase your sales.

In short, every post you send out into the world is another opportunity to advertise your business. And to create a healthy mix of content to stay noticed and attract customers, we share with you 5 unique ways!

5 different types of content you need to use

Before you start creating your content, make sure you have enough variety in the type of content you will share. And here we are not talking about the form in which you share it, but the content.

As you go over your social media calendar, make sure you can check off the following types of topics or categories:

– Educational

– Inspiring

– Interactive

– Connective

– Promotional

– Newsworthy

– Entertaining

These are 7 different types of content, so you can throw something new and original online every day of the week! But how do you do that? There are five important and different types of content (how you will share them) that should not be missed. If you make sure you have enough variety between all of these, you will have an ideal content strategy!

1. Video/Reels

Videos and Reels, they are of innumerable importance. And since the success of TikTok, this social media format has been growing every day. Videos are even prioritized in the algorithm, which means your content therefore has a greater chance of being shared and seen!

And these don’t have to be long, super professional or complicated: show a demonstration, demonstrate the different colors in your range, a before and after image, style inspiration, it all works and this content drives additional traffic to your website.

2. Images/Carousel

Adding images to your social media strategy is the cheapest and easiest way. In fact, thanks to a good smartphone, you can create images that appeal right away! But images are not just a flatlay or pictures of a model with your collection on.

There are a huge number of ways to create engaging content from your images. Some ideas include: reviews or testimonials, collages, previews of your collection, a quote, an infographic,…. Whatever you share, make it relevant to your target audience and make sure it’s always high quality.

3. Livestreams

Live videos are still to this day an ideal way to connect directly with your followers and customers. You can ask them questions around a specific topic, and the threshold is also lowered for them to ask you certain things.

What should you pay attention to when you go live? As with your stories or video content, you need to create a storyline that is accessible and easy to understand. What are you going to talk about? What points do you definitely want to cover and what is your purpose of this livestream?

And finally, choose the platform you will live on. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, … all are options. And if it’s organizationally possible: go live on the three platform at the same time!

4. Blogs and Guides

Everything you do online is connected. And a perfect example of this are blog articles. The more blogs you write, the better your SEO score and the more people can find you through Google. So be sure to use them, if possible.

The biggest advantages you have when writing blogs, is that you have the opportunity to share longer texts, with specific images and can link to additional (product) pages on your webshop. This allows you to share knowledge about your business, help people with your expertise, highlight certain products, and so on. Finally, they also help you for content for your newsletters.

5. Stories

Stories: they are still far too often forgotten and their importance vastly underestimated. Sharing 4 to 6 story slides daily can greatly increase your engagement and reach. Because did you know that your story viewers are not necessarily the followers who are going to see your posts? Only 13% will see your post after publishing, another 10% will see your stories. So in total, you reach about 23% different people from your follower base.

But what can you use stories for? Thanks to this 24-hour content, you can inform your followers of temporary and important information. Think of an event that you organize, a certain sale or action that is running on the webshop, a look behind the scenes, … you have so many different possibilities!

Crafting a strong communication and social media plan can be challenging. A challenge that we would love to help and inspire you with! At the Blogzine Academy, we have already helped more than 45 entrepreneurs with their content strategy. Are you interested in this as well? Contact us for an introduction and make your content the most original ever!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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