Business: How to get Through Business Fatigue


Not only employees but also business owners are at risk of burnout. Business fatigue is a common phenomenon, but “fortunately there are ways to get through it,” says business expert Angelo Vero

Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel very heavy. Especially in times when there is a lot of work to be done and results are barely visible. As an entrepreneur, it’s often the case that we drop a lot of personal things in order to focus on the business. We see less and less of our friends and family, take less time for ourselves to relax and enjoy. At such times, entrepreneurs run the risk of suffering from business fatigue. This fatigue can eventually even lead to a complete burnout and a complete blockage. 

When we are tired, our cognitive functions become confused and we perform much worse on average. Our brain becomes confused and we make increasingly poor decisions. But how can you prevent this or at least treat it? 

1. Keep your external values and relations in check

Contrary to what we as entrepreneurs often think, taking time to see friends and family is less of a distraction and more of a personal motivator. As human beings we need personal contact and taking time to maintain personal relationships is absolutely vital. Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel very lonely, if you can then fall back on a group of friends or family with whom you can experience some beautiful moments or can blow off some steam, then you can get back to work. 

2. Keep your physical health in check

A healthy mind in healthy body. We all know this saying, though we often forget to think about it. But it is extremely important that you also pay attention to your body and how fit you are as an entrepreneur. This starts with a healthy diet full of nutrients. They not only ensure that your body is healthy, but also that there are enough building blocks for the brain when it works overtime or when you have to work through the night for a week. Regular exercise also ensures that you as an entrepreneur are armed for a period in which a lot of work has to be done. 

3. Keep your mental resilience in check

Paying attention to how you handle certain things or how you react to certain situations is critical as an entrepreneur. Small setbacks, negative feedback, an over pressured schedule can all infringe on how you feel. So how you respond to them sets the tone for how you undertake. If you consciously focus on the positive side of things, then entrepreneurship will feel less burdensome. For example, you can highlight small successes like achieving a minimum number of hours of time for yourself or not missing a gym session. Or not missing an important moment with your child. 

4. Keep your sense of purpose in check

Entrepreneurs without a goal quickly get into a mess. That is why it is important, as an entrepreneur, to keep the big picture in mind and realize what you are working for. You must learn as an entrepreneur to let go of what you have no influence on and focus on the path towards where you want to go. If you do that then you have a footing and every step you take is one direction forward. And that is a big win in itself. 

So it’s perfectly normal to suffer from entrepreneurial fatigue at some point as an entrepreneur. The most important thing is to recognize that something is wrong and to realize that you must take steps. If you remember these 4 tips and apply them, then you will surely get rid of that fatigue in no time and you can start doing business again with a lot of sense and energy. Need more business tips? Check out our other business related articles.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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