Business: How to enjoy your Holidays and take some time off


Tomorrow starts the Christmas weekend and we want to celebrate it in peace, with our loved ones. But of course, as entrepreneurs, it is enormously difficult to go completely offline or to put your business “on-hold” for a few days. Fortunately, there is a solution for everything! That’s why Cindy gives you 3 important tips today to fully enjoy your holidays.

#1. Planning is the key to success

It is always important to start at the beginning: when do you want to get away and for how long? If you can answer these questions, just like preparing your content and marketing calendar, you can prepare your vacation.

After deciding on your “breaks,” take out your social media calendar and mark it. The next step is to prepare what you would publish or communicate during this period, so you can prepare and create it weeks before. Once ready, all you have to do on the days themselves is hit publish or come online for five minutes to make sure everything is out into the world, and done. Put your phone back away and enjoy your well-deserved break!

#2. Make sure you are not tempted to work

The hardest thing while taking a break is letting go. You want to keep control of what’s going on in within your company or you want to know how your social media posts are doing. And that’s completely normal! But a break is all about learning to let go of everything for a while, which is why you need to make sure you can’t be stimulated to work.

Do you work from home? Then literally close the door to your workspace. Is your work’s Instagram profile on your personal phone? Then log out for a while. For example, are you a photographer? Clean up your studio and put your cameras away for a while.

Literally “get away” from anything that might encourage you to do something for a while. Because every minute you think about work is an extra minute that you weren’t relaxing and taking a rest.

#3. It is okay to take a break

The most important of all the tips I want to share is that the pressure on entrepreneurs to never stop working is completely 2020. And repeat this enough until you get behind it yourself:

Yep, it’s really ok to take a break, to give yourself some rest and fully recharge your batteries. And don’t you have the opportunity to take a full week’s vacation? Then opt for the two weekends this year: the Christmas weekend and that of New Year’s Eve.

To fully enjoy your break, bundle the two previous tips together with this last one, so that you bundle planning as well as strategy and mindset together. And that way you know that when you are ready to start working again, you’ll come back stronger than ever before!

And with that said, the Blogzine team has also chosen to take a break. We will continue to share our personal experiences and we will remain available via email and Social Media for all your questions. But we won’t be back until 2023 with all the business related articles and coaching for the Blogzine Academy. We wish you very happy celebrations and see you in the new year!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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