Business: Here’s Why Your Customers Are Your Most Important Partners


Everyone is constantly talking about customer experience and customer loyalty, but how do you build a rock-solid customer journey? And why are customers your most important partner to success? Read it all in business expert Angelo Vero‘s business column today on Blogzine. 

All your customers are partners in your mission.

I really think this is a very good quote. Because as entrepreneurs, we often focus on the result; for example, a new purchase. But we forget that customers are actually part of a larger purpose. The motive behind why we do business is to grow successfully and achieve our business goals and personal goals. When we include customers as part of the enterprise and see them as a partner in success, we also immediately realize that this is an interaction and win-win relationship that is not purely transactional. 

Touch points 

When I map out companies’ customer experience and customer journey, I especially like to focus on the so-called touch points. These are all the ways in which potential customers and clients come into contact with you, your team and your company. Each step of the customer journey requires different touch points, as different sources of information are needed at different times. 

Choices are made by the potential customer throughout the journey. These choices are a mix of rational and irrational choices. By mapping this out, you can make decisions more easily and optimize your customer experience. Combine this knowledge with a tactical touch point strategy and you have a winning combo. 

Customer loyalty 

Moreover, the ideal customer journey pays the most attention to the last step of the customer journey; the customer loyalty or advocacy phase. At this stage, it is important to realize that your company is the company your customer has chosen. At the same time, it is a position that is quite fragile. Your customer is not loyal (yet) and can choose any time to replace your company with another. Therefore, it is important to create the right landscape for customer relationship growth and bet on increasing customer loyalty.

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