Business: 3 tips to improve your Google Ads 


Every week we will give you business tips to make your business successful. Today, business expert Angelo Vero shares his three most important tips to improve your Google Ads.

You choose a certain budget for your ads that you want to spend per day. The system is going to bid for you to show your ads as much as possible for the budget you set. So you want to be able to get as many results as possible. That’s why it’s best to take these tips to heart: 

1. Preparation is everything

Before you start advertising, you need to research where your potential customers are searching and how they come to you. Not all words that we think are popular are actually used in Google searches. For that, Google Trends is very useful. You can compare words and find out which words are searched more.

2. Focus on negative keywords

Google Ads focuses on displaying ads based on search results and keywords. The better keywords fit the search query, the better your ads will perform. Therefore, it is important to focus primarily on negative keywords. In other words, the words you don’t want to be found for. If your business sells t-shirts, you want to avoid your ads being found by someone looking for free t-shirts. That’s why you add words in a negative keyword list. That way, those keywords are excluded and your pennies are used for people who do fit the target audience. 

3. Use UTM tags

Measuring is knowing. The more you can collect data about which ads are doing well, the more you can make decisions and make adjustments. UTM tags allow you to track which campaigns have generated more search traffic in Google Analytics. A UTM tag is a piece of code placed at the end of a link. You can find a lot of tools for this on the Internet, I recommend this one: Campaign Link Builder.

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This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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