Belgian Top 21: Make a difference with Kobla


This month focus on the Belgian Top 21, a project of Blogzine that aims to highlight 21 Belgian companies. We close the first week with the story of Kobla.

The more I started working with my hands, the more passionate I became.

Focus on craftsmanship

Brand owner Wim Loridan has an avid interest in all things artisanal and has his own experience in leather working, mainly through the art of shoe making. Especially the handiwork required, he got really excited about. During his training he also came into contact with how much meticulous and qualitative work is required to manufacture a watch. From the leatherwork to the fine inner work that all has to be put together by hand. The more knowledge he acquired of handicrafts and the more he immersed himself in the art of craft, the more passionate he began to feel.

This knowledge and passion made him want to start his own watch brand. So that he himself could determine the look and feel and ensure that everyone would experience the craft behind the manufacture of his watches. With his brand Kobla he brings an attractive and accessible range of watches for both men and women. Timeless, but above all of very good quality.

A watch you purchase for today and for the future. It is a timeless accessory that you continue to wear for years. It gives the finishing touch to an outfit and shows instantly the person you are. For this reason, he deliberately chooses designs that are not too obvious, but just innovative enough so that they do look inspiring.

Minimize your footprint

On the premium watches of Kobla the text ‘Time to make a difference’ is mentioned. By doing so, Wim wants to make clear that wearing a Kobla watch is a smart choice. His own travels through Cambodia have made it clear to him that there are still a lot of challenges in terms of ecology. In many countries, there is a huge waste problem. With his brand, he didn’t want to throw more on the pile of waste. Therefore he started looking for recycled materials instead of newly mined raw materials to work with.

Acting consciously starts with respecting

the natural resources our earth provides.

From the choice of materials and design to the delivery at home, the ecological footprint is taken into account. To keep abreast of ecological standards and opportunities, Wim is advised by Ecolife. Ecolife is a Belgian knowledge center for footprinting and ecological behavioural change, that provides tools and scans to measure impact. So when compensation is needed, it is done. This way the brand remains 100% climate neutral.

Curious about more inspiring stories? Then be sure to follow the Belgian Top 21. Tomorrow we start a new week full of surprising stories and unique entrepreneurs.

This article has been written in collaboration with Kobla

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