Your beauty must haves for Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day we often go out for a fancy dinner, we spend time with the one who stole our heart and for that moment we love to shine! Together with our beauty specialist, Joke Lehouck, we selected the beauty must haves that will make you sparkle.

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend or secret crush, you can still make the best out of it by giving yourself a little extra! Valentine’s day might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift from “you to you”, isn’t it? And if you do have a special date that night, I want you to shine. That is why I’ve selected some unmissable beauty treatments and products that will make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

The bonus in giving yourself a gift is that you’re sure that you’ll be happy with it!

Duo massage or wellness for two

Taking some hours off for me-time and to relax a moment is something that we unfortunately way too often forget to do. Most of us have busy lives (think; job, kids, doing the household,…) so a wellness or massage can be the perfect Valentines gift for a little getaway. Add a glass of champagne to your wellness moment, to make it even more special.

Personal tip

If you don’t have a large budget then I recommend to buy a package deal. For example, my husband and I did a spa day with the €49.99 “BONGO WELLNESS” voucher and it was an amazing experience.

However, don’t forget that each wellness asks to book in time! So plan your trip in advance so you can relax even more from your me-time or moment with your partner.


We all love perfume

A personal fragrance is such a beautiful and luxurious gift and I personally think that you can never go wrong by giving your lover their favourite perfume. It brings up memories and often reflects your personality. Like who doesn’t leave the house without spraying a little bit of their all-time signature perfume? I even have an extra bottle in my car for when I forget to spray it at home…

But don’t go for a new fragrance. I recommend to buy a fragrance that your partner already loves. Why not ask the beauty consultant his/hers opinion about a fragrance that leans to your partners perfume? Because he or she knows the notes and ingredients the best to find one that fits your partner’s personality!

My personal favourites are fresh perfumes with flowers and citrus. The Chanel “Chance Eau Tender” is a great example of this. It has grapefruit and quince in the top note. Jasmine and rose in the middle part and white musk in the base note.

PS: For your “From You to You”-gift I would definitely try out something new! In other words, surprise yourself and who knows you might find a new favourite.

Kissable lips please!

There’s nothing as important as having smooth, hydrated and kissable lips on a date! And even for your own beauty routine it’s important to give your lips as much love as your skin. Therefore scrub them from time to time. Add a hydrating balm and you will see that your lipstick will even look better with healthy lips!

Personal Valentine’s Day favourite:

Chanel recently launched a new limited edition lipstick collection which has a Camélia flower base (see here). Not only the package screams luxury, also the product is as smooth as butter! Perfect for those Valentines kisses ;)…

Another one I really like is the KAJA lipstick from their new collection. Look at the picture and you will immediately understand why this is the perfect Valentine’s gift. The lipstick bullet is formed as a heart. In other words: sweet and cute!

Make them cheeks blush

Not only is Kat VonD beauty one of my ultimate favorite make-up brands, they also have blushes in the shape of flowers. So if I could choose between a bouquet of flowers or a bunch of flowers from make up, I won’t doubt one minute!

Say “NO!” to bad hair days

There’s not such a mood killer as having a bad hair day on an important date or occasion. Therefore I say “NO!” to bad hair days and share with you the best ideas to avoid any hair struggles…

First, and most important: did you know that cheap shampoo brands are likely to contain higher levels of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)? This is the cleaning agent that also makes shampoo foamy. The addition of these sulfates to your shampoo can lead to damage the hair follicles. Furthermore it can weaken the hair structure and even stop your hair from growing!

Secondly gifting a package with good hair products, bought at the professional store is a good and practical gift! Also for yourself, give your hair the love it deserves!

The perfect make up look for Valentine’s Day

Meanwhile, if your partner is a make-up lover, you can’t go wrong by buying something from their favourite make up brands. Especially if it’s a limited edition or a new launch. These kind of specials are over sold out quickly. If you want to win over someone’s heart or show them how special they are to you. That being said you know what to do!

I personally fell in love with the new Dior and Chanel spring make-up collection. The pastels from the Dior “GLOW VIBES” collection are an absolute trend this season. So if you’re more into nude/earth tones, Chanel got your back!

So tell me: are you team Color or team Nude? Leave your favourite make up in a reaction underneath this post. I would love to know!

The Dior “GLOW VIBES” collection: 1. Dior Lip Glow limited edition which will intensify your color // 2. Dior Six colored eye shadow palette with long-lasting eye shadow colors // 3. Dior Lip Glow Oil which is nursing your lips and intensifying the color.

This article has been written in collaboration with @JOKELEHOUCK

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