Your baby is unique, so is your birth card


Have you ever imagined creating your own birthcard? With your touch, realizing what you have dreamed of for your delivery? Adding your dreams and your emotions, sharing it with your loved ones. Or if it is too long to make, let Kaartje2go do everything it for you.

A birthcard is not just a card, it is a physical memory from a magical day, it stays with you, within your hands throughout the whole life, reminding you all your feelings and how beautiful that day was. 

Babies are like little suns that in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness, and light into our lives

Eco-friendly birth cards

Choosing a card in a shop among a little choice, admit it, it is quite hard. With Kaartje2go, you can personalize your birth card, or simply buy (very unique ones, I promise) one that is ready. Just search the name of your little one in the search box and wait for it! Hundreds of results just for this unique person. I love it. 

Besides that, the envelopes are colored and eco-friendly. And you can seal it. 

But maybe you just want to try and see if it matches your expectations. Perfect, as the sample is free!

Birth cards for boys

Personally, I fell in love with these three devoted to boys (but you can also use them for your little girl) I really enjoy the minimalistic vibe of the moon, and this landscape that seems to be drawn by hand. And are we talking about this pretty whale that reminds us of Willy? Which, by the way became a symbol of freedom.

It’s a girl!

These three are for little girls (but hey, also here can use them for your boy too). And I admit that my favorite is the one with the rabbit and deer, sibling symbol and heart melting. But, see this cute little heart-shaped moon? It’s very original too. And who doesn’t like rainbows? Besides that, pastel colors are very trendy these days!

Neutral birth cards

And here are the unisex ones. If you are looking for something not that girly or not that masculine for your little one, you can go for neutral colors. There is definitely something for all tastes here! From pastels to soft leaves details, or something for a wild spirit newborn.

Add a personal touch to your card

Your newborn can be a little savage or a soft heart. Or both at the same time. Therefor all the cards I have chosen, have been without photos to respect your choice of privacy. But if you want to put a photo on your card, go ahead! All the people who can’t come to see your baby because of the pandemic, can enjoy this picture. It will make their hearts melt!

For unisex cards, the colors and the fonts are more neutral and do not pull towards a more feminine or masculine rendering. 

Parents get prepared more than ever for the arrival of this 9-month expected little being, they want everything flawless. And with these birth cards from Kaartje2Go, you will be able to cherish this magical moment forever, with all your beloved ones.

This article has been written in collaboration with Kaartje2Go

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