Winner’s Choice: Flying Fox for Gymnasts

Credits: Flying Fox

This month we are focusing on sports and exercise at Blogzine. Throughout the month we are featuring unique, sports-related stories. Today’s spotlight is on Flying Fox, the brand of choice for gymnasts and in particular their collaboration with medalists Noam and Robin. 

At the World Championships in Geneva last month, Acro Gym duo Noam Patel and Robin Casse won a medal thanks to their combined exercise. The two gymnasts already knew each other from previous formations, where they sucessfully worked together. During the corona pandemic, they made plans to participate in the championship together. 

As soon as the lockdown was over and sports were allowed again, they immediately began preparations. Months and some injuries later, the two were ready to gift it their best. With their balance, tempo and combined exercise, they manage to secure a place in the finals. 

Right after their qualification for the finals, where they would compete against 7 others, they knew that the chance of a medal was there. That was their ultimate goal. They won silver with a score of 28.840. 

“With acro gymnastics comes a leotard

and that leotard had better look good and be comfortable”

Credits: Flying Fox

At a World Championship like the one from last month in Geneva, there is a lot at stake for the gymnasts. Debbie from Flying Fox realizes that the pressure on such top athletes is very high. They don’t want to have to deal with the constant adjustment of a suit. According to her, a gymnastics suit has to feel like a second skin. 

“We are very pleased with the outfit that was created by Flying Fox.

Unlike a lot of other outfits, this one felt tremendously comfortable and light.”

Both gymnasts highly praise the Flying Fox’s leotards. Especially the innovative technique of printing, they are very enthusiastic about. For them this really is the future of gymnastics apparel. They feel very light and any design is possible. That is especially nice because there often has to be a clear link with the number that is being performed. And as a gymnast you no longer have to wear a heavy outfit that consists of many pieces of fabric sewn together to make a design. Here it is just printed on the light fabric. 

For both Noam and Robin their carreer as a top athlete competing is now over, this was their goal and they have reached it. But Noam has his mind set on Cirque du Soleil; and who knows in the future Flying Fox might be designing for them too.

Sport clubs and athletes can request information about Flying Fox on their website. She has a collection of basis for trainings and competitions. Special designs and custom made work are only upon request as it takes a bit more in-depth knowledge of the gymnasts and the expectations.

This article has been written in collaboration with Flying Fox

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