What you should know about equicoaching

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This week Ellen Van den Branden, owner of Time2Reconnect, had the pleasure of having a live conversation with Ellen Van Oekelen, certified horse coach. They talked about the sixth sense of horses, about how a horse takes you beyond your limits. Because, the horse continues where humans stop!

 “Horses have 60 million years of experience with social interaction which makes them masters of getting you in touch with yourself in the here and now. They are the mirror of your soul.”

We all live in a herd. Look at your family, your relatives, you and your partner, your friends, your colleagues, … We all want to belong somewhere, which causes us to become a part of a greater whole. That sense of “belonging” completes us which makes us feel empowered and supported. 

By living and working in groups, … we very often lose a large part of our individuality. This happens automatically, without us even realizing it. We acquire habits and characteristics in order to “belong”. As a result, our identity gets a little lost.

Who is horse coaching meant for? 

For anyone who wants to come home to themselves and experience deep connection from there. Mask off, time for authenticity and depth!

Why coaching with horses?

Horses are prey and herd animals who are very sensitive and alert to the environment and the body signals of other horses in the herd. Because of this, they are constantly “reading” what is happening inside of us. They show us who we are. 

Body language is their way of communicating. This characteristic is very important in coaching when you know that as much as 90% of the information we exchange as humans is non-verbal. Horses see through the difference between outward behavior and underlying emotions. 

The horse has a natural tendency to connect and tune in. They touch us and set us in motion. The horse is open and honest and immediately shows you what is going on. This is because they live in the HERE and the NOW. They have no judgment. They accept everyone unconditionally, creating a safe environment where people can easily gain insights into their own behavior.

What if I’m afraid of horses?

There is no shame in admitting that you find horses a little scary. Nor do you need to have experience with horses. It’s all about your own authentic reactions and spontaneous interaction with horses. 

With horses, a mask is totally useless. Whether you smile or not, a horse feels your core, feels your emotion. They don’t care about the face you happen to be “wearing” that day. To the question, “How are you?” they know the true answer as soon as you come near them.

Horses provide you with the right tools to get yourself and your life back on track. As an Equine Assisted Coach, Ellen helps you blossom again. Together with her horse she helps to reconnect with yourself and others.

Do not hesitate and join one of the Time2Reconnect experience weekends.

“Don’t dream your life, live your dreams”

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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