What you need to visit when you’re in Puerto Plata

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Puerto Plata is a well-known travel destination for many Europeans. Located in the North of the Dominican Republic, the city has beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coast and has a lot of wonderful things to offer! So, if you are traveling to the beautiful island, you should also put this destination among your travel plans. And today Cindy also tells you which places you should definitely visit!

Puerto Plata offers a balance of culture, history and vacation.

How to Travel to Puerto Plata?

Want to go on vacation and not always be stuck in your all-inclusive hotel? Then you can start planning ahead! Because Puerto Plata is ideal for those who like to go out, learn about the country’s history and soak up culture.

But how to get there? The best thing you can do is to rent your own car. Personally, I always rent from EuropCar and recommend a Jeep-like vehicle to travel the roads, beaches and mountains comfortably. The city is a 3h30 drive from Santo Domingo and for a break you can perfectly stop in Santiago de los Caballeros for a small break.

Prefer to go by plane? You can. In fact, Puerto Plata also has its own airport! Pay close attention to connections here, though. In fact, there are currently no direct flights available from Europe. Should this change, we will certainly keep you informed!

What can you visit in Puerto Plata?

Since you will find a perfect balance between an all-inclusive vacation, history and culture, you can schedule fun activities daily. A total of 3-4 days is more than enough to visit everything, without giving up an afternoon at the pool or beach. After all, that’s what you’re on vacation for: to rest!

#1 Espigon Cigar Shop

Have you always wanted to know how cigars are made? Then the Espigon Cigar Shop is the ideal place to go and discover it all! In fact, in the workshop you can watch local people roll cigars every day, up to 300 a day. For this they use only local tabac, obtained through local farmers in the country. Of course, you can also go there to enjoy a cigar with them, buy 100% Dominican products and, if you are totally satisfied, roll one yourself!

Address: Calle San Felipe, at the corner of the famous Umbrella Street

#2 Umbrella Street and Paseo de Doña Blanca

At the corner of the Cigar Factory you will find “Calle de las Sombrillas” or also called Umbrella street. And the name gives it away: the street is completely covered with umbrellas. It gives a beautiful combination of different colors and it immediately invites you to take the cutest pictures for your Social Media. In the street itself you will find plenty of nice local stores, a coffee bar (El Rincon de Cafe), a chocolate museum and so much more!

Right across this street you will find another fun Instagram hotspot: the little street “Paseo de Doña Blanca.” This street is completely painted pink and is in memory of Dona Blanca who is remembered for the many things she accomplished after the death of her husband. Dona Blanca, her real name is Bianca Franceschini, was in fact a pioneer in the development of the early tourism industry in Puerto Plata at the end of the 18th century.

Address: Calle San Felipe, right in the center of the historical city

#3 Fortaleza de San Felipe

Would you like to discover more about the city’s history? Then you will be surprised of all that Puerto Plata has to tell! One of the most important monuments for them is the Forteleza de San Felipe. It is a historic Spanish fort a also known as El Morro de San Felipe. This fort was used to protect the city of Puerto Plata from pirates and pirates.

You can visit the fort itself for 100 pesos (about 1.5€), hear all the explanations in several languages thanks to a microphone and enjoy the sea, the breaking waves and the view on the site itself.

Address: Av. Gral. Gregorio Luperón

#4 Try one of the local Rums

During your trip to the Dominican Republic, you must without a doubt try the local liquor “Rum.” Or at least a nice rum-based cocktail. And did you know that Puerto Plata is home to the No. 1 brand “Brugal”? They have been based in this beautiful city since 1888!

Due to certain health measures, their tours may be closed at certain times at the factory itself, but of course you can always stop by authorized Brugal bars. My personal favorite is located just off Umbrella Street and the beautiful pink alley: “Pachuche by C Brugal Cigars.” Here you can sip a refreshing cocktail and try a cigar at the same time. The ultimate experience!

Address Brugal Factory: Av. Manolo Tavarez Justo

Address Brugal Cigars Bar: Calle Beller 30

#5 Take the Cable Car to Isabel de Torres

Could it be more adventurous for you? Then you can take the Caribbean’s only cable car in Puerto Plata. This will take you all the way to Isabel de Torres, an 800m high mountain where you will discover a national natural park and have views of the entire city, all the way to Sosua.

In the domain itself you will find plenty of nice places to unwind. There is also a restaurant and a local store to buy the famous amber stone! In total, this excursion lasts from two to three hours. Depending on the route you take to discover the natural park.

 Address: Calle del Teleférico

There is of course much more to discover in Puerto Plata and we will go back as soon as possible to give you more great travel tips! Want to discover food hotspots and hotels too? Then be sure to keep an eye out as we will publish these very soon!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK – All pictures are copyrighted by Cindy Van Dyck

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