What type of jewelry wearer are you?

Credits: Keelin Design

Did you know that there are predominantly three distinct types of jewelry wearers? There is the minimalist, the expressionist and the symbolist. Which type you are you can read in this article. You will also immediately discover which Keelin Design jewel suits you perfectly.

Jewely is more than an accessory. It is a way of expressing your individuality.

With Keelin Design, jewelry maker Ellen Kennes designs jewelry that highlights women’s personalities. For her, a piece of jewelry is not just an accessory. It has a specific meaning, or there is a reason why someone is wearing a particular piece. That’s really what it’s all about for her, jewelry with a story. You can discover below which type of jewelry wearer you are. Ellen will also show you her most favorite pieces that fit your style perfectly.

The Minimalist

The minimalist likes simple shapes and materials. It is perhaps the most common and widely worn jewelry style, due to its versatility and adaptable nature. Still, the minimalist jewelry style lends itself to almost any clothing style, making it the perfect look for every day. The minimalist mainly chooses simple commodities such as silver and gold. Colors are monochromatic in general.

Shop the picture:

Stainless steel bracelet with shiny blue and crystal Swarovski stone, €22

Axelle: gold colored stainless steel earring hoops, €20

Alana: fine silver colored stainless steel earrings, €25

The Expressionist

The expressionist opts for statement jewelry that stands out. She loves bold combinations, shapes and a mix of raw materials, colors and textures. This jewelry trend was very popular in the 1980s thanks to fashion designers who began to create creative designs with gemstones, glass, beads and even rougher things like cast metal, wood and leather. Today, this way of wearing jewelry is once again hugely visible on the streets, mainly because of the need for self-expression.

Shop the picture:

Liza: wooden geometric earrings with slate grey and metallic silver, €20

Femke: geometric wooden earrings in burgundy and natural wood color, €20

Wood: oval statement studs in slate grey, €18

The Symbolist

The symbolist loves to express himself and the things he or she believes in through jewelry that visually emphasizes certain things. Thus, jewelry with initials, figures and even constellations are very popular. They provide comfort and connection to oneself and the world around.

In the Keelin Design collection, the symbol moon recurs very often. For Ellen, the moon symbolizes mystery, renewal, time and transition.

Shop the picture:

Vera: beautiful matted silver plated teardrop earrings with shiny Swarovski stones, €25

Aysima: Stainless steel cat and moon necklace, €26

Scarlet: Magical stainless steel statement earrings, €25

Of course, now we are immensely curious about your jewelry wearer type. Share with us your type and your favorite piece from the Keelin Design collection.

This article has been written in collaboration with Keelin Design

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  1. Wauw, good article! It depends on my mood, But most of the time it switches between minimalist and symbolist. Love your collections!

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