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At Blogzine, we are a big fan of other businesses who make our lives a lot more enjoyable and beautiful. SOAK by Anne Lynn is one of those. Wondering why? Then read on! 

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

As a business owner – or busy mom and dad – bath time is often the time of day when we can get away from all the hustle and bustle. Yet we don’t always take enough time for that. That’s totally ok, but sometimes we deserve to think about ourselves. Even if it’s just for one hour. And when you do, we can definitely recommend these products from SOAK.

Nourishing bath bombs

Fan of a warm bath to completely unwind and relax muscles after a stressful day? Next time, add a nourishing bath bubble ball to the water. The warm scent and soft lather in the bath will give you peace of mind and make you forget all the stresses of the day. Because the bath bombs from Soak contain Shea butter, French clay and nourishing Jojoba oil, your skin will not feel dry after your bath.

Shower bomb 

No bath? No problem! Soak’s handcrafted shower bombs smell like lemongrass, orange or eucalyptus and are perfect for taking your shower experience to the next level. Like a real Hamam, you’ll get an invigorating feeling when you take a shower after exercising. 

Hang the shower bomb on the temperature knob in your shower and briefly spray on the shower bubble to activate. Let the shower effervescent ball hang in the bag during your shower while the fresh scent is diffused. 

“Soak’s mission is to make good quality and handmade

bath & shower bombs that you can proudly gift

to your friends and family or use them yourself to relax.”

Soak has both natural and colored effervescent balls that are 100% safe to use and will not stain your bath tub. The formulas are extensively discussed with experts & lab technicians to ensure safety. 

“I choose quality ingredients such as premium essential oils

of natural origin, French clay, Jojoba oil and Shea butter

that are manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals.”

All of the effervescent balls are made and dried by Jozefien Anne Lynn in the Soak lab in Leuven, Belgium. So when you buy Soak effervescent balls, you contribute to the prosperity of Belgium and support several Belgian companies to grow. That’s double enjoyment of your own spa at home.

Do you also want a unique bath or shower experience with SOAK’s bath bombs? You can buy them easily through their webshop. Attention, we are not responsible for the possible addiction!

This article has been written in collaboration with Soak by Anne Lynn

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