We stay: Hotel Jerom connects you with nature

As a full time traveler Cindy has seen many different kind of hotels in tens of different cities and countries. But often we also forget to get lost in our own small but surprising country, Belgium! With that in mind she started to look for a cosy and minimalistic getaway where she could not only take instagrammable pictures but where she also felt at home.

Perfect location

And Hotel Jerom definitely is that place! Located at approximately thirty minutes from the city of Antwerp and surrounded by the beautiful nature park “De Kalmthoutse Heide”, you can find this beautiful boutique hotel where you can spend a couple of days just doing whatever you feel like! Even for those who love a short trip to The Netherlands as Hotel Jerom is at only 45km from Breda, which means that you can easily combine a day of shopping with a walk or bike tour on the next day. Am I inspiring you now?

It’s the perfect getaway for those who love to get lost in nature and who also appreciate a minimalistic design.

Kalmthoutse heide

For those who don’t know the Kalmthoutse heide, it’s a 6000ha nature area where you can get lost during a whole day. Not lost like not knowing your way back, but lost as letting all thoughts go and enjoy a morning or afternoon in nature. Walking tracks and bike tours are as said before two activities that you just have to try when being there. However you can go more active and try the “climb and rope” course. And are you staying at Hotel Jerom with your family? Take a rail bike and spend the time together while discovering a fun and original activity.

PS: Do you like history? The World War One trenches are close by as well!

Of course there’s no obligation in participating to all these activities. If you just want to relax, lay in bed all day and have a late breakfast (the buffet is available till 10.30am), you can do this as well. It’s all about how you want to spend your time and day. Hotel Jerom will make it as comfortable as possible at any moment for an unforgettable experience.

So now that you can start planning your relaxing weekend, you also need to know that it has more to offer than a (family and kids) getaway with adventurous and active activities.

As the Port of Antwerp and Antwerp Airport are close by, you can also easily come here to have a business meeting, plan a teambuilding weekend, organize a workshop,… Their “MOOR” room makes it all possible! And by that being said, what do you think if we would organize our first Blogzine workshop there? Let’s brainstorm about it!

Family room

The hotel itself has 21 different rooms divided in six categories: Jerom Cosy, Jerom Standard, Jerom Plus, Jerom Single, Jerom Twin and even Jerom Family. Because yes, Hotel Jerom is child friendly!

And no matter which room you decide to book, it comes with a delicious and fresh breakfast with home made products. Talking about the breakfast, we unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to stay over at Hotel Jerom as we went there for a campaign. We will definitely return to have the full experience!

Eco-friendly luxury

In your room you can find a selection of eco-luxurious soaps from Likami and your bed and linen are made in Belgium! Isn’t that a nice thing to know? Because of this they don’t only support our own local designers, they also are also putting quality and sustainability on top. Did you know that linen requires less water during the production than cotton? And you don’t have to iron it which saves electricity and energy!

The room on the pictures is their “Jerom Plus” room which is extra spacious with a walk-in shower and bathtub. Angelo and I absolutely loved it!

But next to all of that there are also different little extra’s that you can’t miss. For example: are you traveling together but you don’t want to share a bed? Ask for the Twin room! It’s something I often ask for when traveling together with my best friend Angelo. Or if you love a soft cushion, you can ask Hotel Jerom to prepare one for your stay. The same goes if you love a hard cushion.

No matter what you are looking or wishing for, Hotel Jerom will clearly make it as comfortable as possible. Therefore you will be able to enjoy a very relaxing and unique stay! We hope to be back soon and can’t wait to share more with you about our experiences in Kalmthout.

For more informations about the rooms, current rates and reservations, we direct you to their website www.hoteljerom.com. Enjoy your stay!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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