We Stay: Hotel El Saman in the Dominican Republic

That the Blogzine team loves to travel is no longer a secret. Cindy, founder and fulltime traveler, recently came back from the Dominican Republic and if there’s one place on earth where she feels at home, it’s definitely the Caribbean. With another adventure being checked off her travel list, she’s sharing one of her favorite hotels: El Saman.

The Dominican Republic is the island with the most beautiful beaches and vibrant cities. Any place you drive through or spend the day at, you will hear Salsa music playing in the streets. People are dancing all together, cooking delicious seafood and green plantains. They have drinks and enjoy time with friends and family. Last year, in March 2019, it was the very first time that I visited the Island an we started with a road trip. It led me to discovering Puerto Plata and Samana which are still today my two most favorite cities of the Dominican Republic.

Silence, nature, time and solitude, are the only few luxuries left in life.

With another trip to Punta Cana in September 2019 and recently the last one, I’m up to three visits and I still can’t get enough. Every time I go back I discover new beaches, new food and also places to stay at. In todays article I’m sharing with you one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen: “El Saman”. This luxury boutique hotel is located in Las Terrenas, Samana, and counts 24 rooms.

Elegant and minimalistic

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of El Saman resort, you notice the clean design, minimalistic touch and coziness which has been extended throughout the whole building. One thing is for sure: they did everything to make you feel at home.

Once passed through the reception, which has a beautiful large wooden table, you walk towards the center pool, dining area and the rooms, with in the center the Saman tree. The whole building and resort has been build around nature. They kept all the trees and furnished the places so it would perfectly blend in. This doesn’t only makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the Dominican Republic nature, you also have a touch of green everywhere you walk.

And that ecologic and sustainable touch isn’t only outdoors, also the rooms are decorated with wooden furniture, like the night stands and closets for example. All wood comes from local artisans who are using the wood demolished by hurricanes. Other local interior details are: the paintings on the wall, the beach bag which you can use to go to the pool, the information cards,… You name it and it’s local. Isn’t that a beautiful way to not only show the guests the art and talent there’s in the Dominican Republic? It also shows how nature and green elements can turn any room into a home. And I’m in love with their concept!

Albizia Restaurant

We know that any hotel offers food, often served as a buffet in the morning and “à la carte” by night. But what if I tell you that El Saman offers you an unique culinary experience?

On their menu you can find a mix of local food and culinary highlights. Especially the appetizers are worth a try and order each of them at least once, you won’t regret it. My favorites on their menu where the “Low temperature cooked egg with cauliflower in two textures, combined with bacon, breadcrumbs and truffled oil” and their “Yucca cheese croquettes with curry sauce“. For lunch I tried the “Avocado and Tuna tartare with green plantain“. And for dinner I recommend you to go for the “Low cooked boneless pork ribs lacquered with barbecue and honey sauce“. It’s combined with creamy mashed potatoes and crispy yucca (the local potatoes). Yes, I’m getting hungry again by writing this!

For those who find breakfast the most important meal of the day, I can proudly say that they serve it “à la carte” as well. A basket with bread and pastries is served on each table and you can choose your hot drink. Their home made mint tea is perfect to start with if you love a good start of the day! Next to bread and pastries you can choose different styles of Eggs (with bacon), fluffy pancakes and many other things that will get you ready for the day!

Dive into the beautiful nature

As everything is built around nature, El Saman offers you different kinds of recreation areas. The first pool is located at the ground floor, next to their restaurant and bar. Another pool is on the highest level and gives you a view over the green area the hotel is located at.

When enjoying my free time at El Saman for the first time, I felt like being in Ibiza. The calm, bohemian and relaxed atmosphere overtook me immediately. However, when spending some time at the pool, you get a hint of the Riads in Marrakech. Therefor I describe El Saman as an oase of rest in an overwhelming beauty of bohemian elements. It’s magical!

The feeling of being home

El Saman counts 24 rooms with also the possibility to book a suite. All carefully furnished with local elements, the rooms are giving you a feeling of being home.

In the bathroom you have walk-in shower and a large sink with a hairdryer, sustainable soap and soft bad towels. The closet space is endless, including a mini-bar, and in the room you will have a large bed, a sitting area and on the balcony you can relax while watching the sunset.

It’s clear that this recently opened resort is a must-visit for every traveler going to the Dominican Republic and who are visiting the area of Samana. For more (booking) informations about El Saman, I kindly invite you to visit their website: www.samanresort.com. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences in the Dominican Republic!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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