We love: Winter Whitehouse, the place to be for original Christmas photos

Credits: Ell-Limits

It seems early to be thinking about Christmas, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s have a look the new Christmas decor by Ellen Bolckmans, photographer at Ell-Limits.

On social media, posts and videos of people who are already totally in the Christmas spirit are popping up earlier and earlier. Apparently (since corona?) we need coziness, warmth and light around us more and more quickly. Let Christmas be the perfect occasion for this. That is why Ellen Bolckmans (33) built a contemporary, beautiful decor in a greenhouse in Kasterlee where you can have your picture taken until November 20. 

Winter Whitehouse

Winter Whitehouse is modern, contemporary and yet very cosy. A Christmas decor in a greenhouse where you can book a session to be photographed by Ellen. She is a photographer from Dessel who specializes in building exclusive decors. Called The Limited Editions. This time you are welcome in Winter Whitehouse, a Christmas decor that runs until November 20th.

“Christmas still seems far away, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Ellen said.

“Faster and faster you see Christmas content on social media. People apparently need coziness, warmth and light around them.” 

Therefore, Ellen is happy to provide an answer to this and she built her beautiful Christmas decor early enough. This gives you plenty of time to have fun and original gifts and Christmas cards made for your loved ones.

3 years ago, Ellen first built a small Christmas decor. Due to its huge success, she creates a new exclusive decor every 3-4 months. So you may know her from Pink Paradise, Dream Catcher, Tropical Garden or Christmas Cottage. All catchy names chosen by her fans. 

Ellen is very connected with her followers on Instagram and Facebook. Family photos, family portraits or going crazy with the girlfriends? Or rather business photos with a non-ordinary touch? Anything goes!

Are you looking for posed, stiff photos? You won’t find those with Ellen. She is known for casual, laid-back and spontaneous photography. She especially catches the eye of families, young or starting entrepreneurs and couples getting married! From Pinterest images and her own creativity, Ellen works with you to build the perfect backdrop for all your photo needs. More info can be found on her website

This is a non-sponsored publication. All photo credits go to Ellen Bolckmans from Ell-Limits.

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