We Love: Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Guide – Part 1

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have two special articles full of ideas for gifts, unique experiences and surprises. Even if your Valentine is a pure Single’s Day, we are sure you’ll find the perfect me-time moment. Here are our first 5 ideas to make the most of your V Day and show how much you love your partner, your kids and yourself!

Love melts.

Love heals.

Love unites.

Butterflies in the Belly

All year long Butterfly Moments (re)connects lovers’ hearts through unique experiences filled with love. For Valentine’s Day they offer an exceptional box that will definitely bring butterflies to your belly. It is however not just another romantic food box. This box is a food and experience box in one, ensuring your Valentine to be one to rave about for many years to come.

Besides a tasty three course meal prepared by the chefs of Bon Goesta, the box contains four Butterfly Moments home experiences. You will be love-challenged, starting with your datenight outfit, truth or dare challenges and a quiz to discover who knows the most about your relationship. We can not yet disclose the dessert experience, but let’s state that you will find in this box some blindfolds, pencils and chocolate crème.

Moments that last forever

As a parent, you are constantly experiencing wonderful moments with your child. But they happen so quickly and sometimes you don’t realise it at the time. So you want to capture as many memories as possible, especially in the first year when they grow and change so quickly. The wooden milestone cards of Noaly Kids make this easy for you and are the perfect gift to your partner. Because your kids are the purest symbol of your love for eachother, isn’t it? 

The set consists of 6 round wooden cards that are engraved with the months of the year on both sides. You can use these cards every time you take a picture of your child. This way, you have a beautiful picture of your child with the correct month marked on it. This makes it fun and easy to frame later or to bundle in a nice photo book. 

Gift her the beige cradle blanket to finish off the picture. The neutral, soft colour is ideal as a background and will make the pictures look more consistent. 

Made with Love

A gift that says ‘I love you’ and ‘I love our planet’ in one breath, is exactly what Anne Drake offers you. On her webshop you will find a special range of sustainable products and gift sets. For Valentine’s Day, you will find a do-it-yourself package for homemade bath bombs including instructions and essential oils.  

Anne Drake chooses all the ingredients personally and everything she sells has been composed, tested and approved by her. Just like the ones in her Soap making set and the Anti aging serum

Till the End of Time

Sometimes we want to gift something that is not just nice to have, we also want it to be practical. And what screams more ‘I will love you until the end of time’ than a beautiful timepiece? A watch from Kobla is a gift that will last for years. It is unique symbol that reminds your loved one with a glance at her wrist that you love her. 

The Rose Golden watch is coated with real 18K gold and is carefully dressed in a contemporary yet classical design which fits every occasion or style. 

Love your Skin

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, Skincare Boulevard proves. With the ‘Love your Skin‘ campaign, they want to make you aware that being nice to yourself and your skin is just as important. They recently launched a new collection: skin care based with pure organic roses (oil).  

During the Valentine’s weekend Skincare Boulevard spoils all its customers. All weekend long you can enjoy 20% off when you buy 1 product of your choice, by using the code SKIN20LOVE during checkout. Valid on all Skincare Boulevard products from 14/2 tem 15/2.

So whether you want to use Valentine’s Day to spoil your lover or yourself, it doesn’t matter at all. What is important is that you realise that giving love and receiving love does not depend on the gift, but on who you get the love from. Cherish the beautiful moments together and above all, enjoy each other!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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