We love: Three original ways to send a special message

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At Studio Glitter en Goud you will find a range of original greeting cards that you can buy and send right away. Bonus: they are not at all classic or standard! We’ve listed our favorites. 

Those who think that sending greeting cards is out of date are thinking wrong. Because sending or receiving a greeting card is much more fun than a quick Facebook or Whatsapp message. It’s much more pseronal and magical, because it’s so unexpected. Nadia from Studio Glitter en Goud agrees 100%. In her webshop and happiness store in Boom you can find a range of original greeting cards. And we are a big fan! 

These are our favorites:

1. Party hat or party glasses

What could be more fun than a card you can immediately put on as a party hat or party glasses? Nothing! That’s why these types of cards are number one on our list. Because getting a greeting card is so much more fun when you can have extra fun with it afterwards, too. 

2. 3D greeting card

We also find this one very fun and original. Nadia sells greeting cards where after opening the envelope and reading the card, you can also get to work with a fun 3D decoration. This makes the card immediately even more beautiful.

Specially designed cards by artists

Studio Glitter and Gold also has a beautiful collection of greeting cards specially designed by artists or graphic designers with a unique style. This way, you are instantly giving a piece of art. 

You can buy our favorites and other greeting cards at this link.

Rather get creative yourself?

Then choose a DIY package to make your own handmade paper. With this you will make your own basis for the most original card ever. Once the paper is dry you can write a nice quote on the paper, a poem or a warm message. If you want to make the card even more special, embroider a heart or flower in the paper.

Extra tip: instead of dried flowers, mix flower seeds into the paper. Then the recipient can plant your message and enjoy flowers afterwards. That way, you secretly give a bunch of flowers as a gift, too.

Need more fun ideas? Then be sure to visit Studio Glitter and Goud‘s webshop. You will find everything to create and gift happy moments!

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Glitter en Goud

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