We love: the LV x LOL collection

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Every season the fashion world gets overwhelmed with new trends. We often don’t know where to start looking for in the stores as many collections, beautiful items and weekly new arrivals are being thrown at us, and when a certain item is really “hot”, it’s sold out in no matter of time. At Blogzine we also fell in love with a certain collection: the new LV x Lol!

The French brand that is worldwide known for it’s Monogram and Damier handbags, timeless jewelry pieces, iconic shoes designs and trendy clothing line launched a new must have collection for Spring 2020: the LV x LOL. A playful, colorful selection of items with a sportive touch. Perfect for all the fashionistas that love to have an eye-catcher added to their looks.

Two years ago the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs became an it-bag and it’s since then one of the must have bags of the brand. Our founder @CindyVanDyck got her hands on it in 2018 and they’re inseparable ever since. In the capsule collection you can find a mini version of the backpack, probably just big enough for your lipstick or a tissue, but it’s so cute! Add it in a classic way on a blazer dress, make your look sportive when wearing a sweater and even for men: you will attract the attention to your – muscled – arms: a double win!

Credits: Louis Vuitton

But if you’re not a big fan of the mini version of the Palm Springs, they’ve also launched a colorful design of the backpack. An animal printed design is covering the model, also with blue colors on the fanny bag for example, and is even coming back on some accessories such as the belt and the shoes. Talking about the shoes: their iconic archlight trainers are now available with a blue animal print or with a touch of gold. Even the classic Neverfull got an update and is now again a part of the LV x LOL collection. You will have a wishlist full of new “coups de coeurs”, we have ours full already!

Credits: Louis Vuitton

And for our die hard fashionista’s we’ve also made a selection of our favorite outfit pieces: the turtle neck crop top which comes with matching cycling shorts. In the collection you also have a long pair of trousers with blue inside lines, a dress, some tee’s, jogging trousers and even leggings. Isn’t this an awesome statement collection? You can’t look next to it and it includes all the wishlist bags. To make to LV x LOL compleet, also accessories have been added. Think about a bracelet, key holder and scarf! However we can’t forget to mention the platform derbies: our favorite eye-catcher of their items. Which one is your favorite?

Credits: Louis Vuitton

All the items are only exclusively available in selected stores worldwide. To get your hands on one of the pieces, or multiple as you will love it, Louis Vuitton recommends you to contact the store before visiting it to make sure they have it in stock. Ordering online is not possible. Picture credits go to LouisVuitton.com

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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