We love: The Louis Vuitton Escale collection

Credits: Louis Vuitton

We’re all looking forward to the first holidays in the sun. Putting on a new bikini is a tradition we all have and we can’t wait to see the tan lines. Every year again, several designer houses are launching their capsule collection for Summer. And this year we absolutely love the Louis Vuitton Escale.

“Minimalistic chic” is how you can describe the Louis Vuitton Escale items. The collection is a mix of colourful designs and basic beach essentials, with a touch all the Louis Vuitton lovers adore. Their monogram logo is what the new collection is all about. It’s therefor certain that a lot of fashionistas and travellers will have some of these items on their wish list. Because let’s be honest, we also like to look instagram-proof while laying in the sun. Don’t we?

Sandy toes and a sunkissed nose

As the Louis Vuitton Escale collection has something for every lover of the brand, Cindy has created four different inspiration boards. All of them with some personal favourites she has on her own wish list. These are the bikini set, the multi pochette belt, their beautiful monogram tunic and the hat. Now we’re of course wondering which one of the four different boards you like the most.

Surfers Paradise

All the items are available on Louisvuitton.com

Marine style

All the items are available on Louisvuitton.com

Pastels and accessories

All the items are available on Louisvuitton.com

Beach girl chic

All the items are available on Louisvuitton.com

We truly apologise if you’re craving a holiday in Mexico or Cannes after seeing these boards. But we are sure that you will have a wonderful summer with these items! To see more of the Louis Vuitton Escale collection, you can visit their website, www.louisvuitton.com.

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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