We Love: The Bucket Hats are back this year

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Last year the bucket hat surfaced for the first time since long and this year too it seems to be an unmissable accessory for your outfit. We went looking for our favorite hats and found some very special ones.

The bucket hat we saw last year for the first time during the summer festivals. And it looks like this accessory is here to stay. No festival summer this year, but that doesn’t mean we have no reason to look good. You can wear the bucket hat during a day of shopping, at the beach or while kayaking. Reasons enough, just as there are a lot of colors and prints that perfectly match your outfits.

Hats off to you

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are always nice in summer. And they know that very well at New Balance. For this summer they came up with a nice trio of bucket hats in soft blue, yellow and pink. You wear it with a nice monochrome look, or complement it with a bright color. 

Which team are you? I am team soft yellow!


What could be better than a bucket hat in a nice color? A bucket hat that you can turn around and bring out a new color. Two for the price of one! Check out this exclusive collab from Polo with Asos.

Statement black with logo

Prefer a badass bucket hat? Then choose one that is completely black with an embroidered, white logo on it. Like the ones from Adidas or Versace Jeans. You can wear these with an all black outfit to add extra drama.

Whether you go for soft colors or a strong look, with a bucket hat you’ll be all right this summer! All these hats are coming up on Asos.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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