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We can talk about beauty must haves or fashion trends for days, but what about toys or accessories for kids? Yes, we love them too! Suryani, mom of two and a part of the Blogzine team, will tell you about her must have: the Liewood bibs.

Anyone with small kids knows that they bring along loads of laundry. They wake up and spill. We wash and it goes on on repeat. It’s a never ending story. It just keeps on going and going to the point where you sometimes think that you’re running a professional laundry business. So anything that can help me reduce this load a little bit, is more than welcome!

When I stumbled upon these Liewood bibs, I immediately knew I needed to have them. Not only did they look very stylish but they also seemed very practical and fun. I ordered the bibs right away. I am so happy that I did, because they turned out to be a real live saver! My boys use them all the time. In fact, they haven’t used any other bibs anymore since I got these. Such a pity that I didn’t have them  from the very beginning  when my oldest son started to eat solid food.

When they are really dirty you can even put them in the dishwasher. Hallelujah to that! 

For those of you that don’t know Liewood yet: this Danish company makes all kinds of durable and ecological products for children. All products have a very unique and pure, Scandinavian design. The collections ranges from swimwear to bath towels, table ware, toys, bed linen, backpacks and much more. All of their products are fun, practical, fashionable and just irresistibly beautiful. They come in all kinds of soft and nice colours so that they blend perfectly into your interior. It’s really one of my favourite brands and I already bought many of their stuff!

No more spilling and endless cleaning

The bibs are made out of 100% very strong and durable BPA free silicone. With the adjustable poppers on the neck they will always have just the right fit while making sure they won’t be pulled off too. They have a little compartiment at the bottom that collects a lot of the food that’s being spilled. As my kids tend to do this quite often this has already saved me from a lot of cleaning and wiping the floor, their clothes, chair, etc….

Since the bib has a very smooth surface , most of the food and/or liquid that is being spilled on it, almost automatically slides its way down in the compartiment. My youngest son likes to pour his water cup all over him. Because the bib is water repellent this also protects him from getting his clothes all wet.

Another great feature is that they don’t get discoloured whenever your kids mess with food that leaves really bad stains such as tomato sauce. Even after 8 months of using them non-stop they still look the same as the day I bought them. Other bibs tend to look grungy after a while or even have some permanent stains that can’t be removed anymore.

So when you buy these bibs you won’t be needing some new ones any time soon. Also, letting your kids try to eat independently is a lot more relaxing if you know that the spilling and the stains are more controleable.

When your kids are done eating, you can just simply rinse the bibs with water and some soap. Or just wipe them with a damp cloth and they’re ready for the next spilling festival! It’s really super easy and it saves you a lot of time and work. Because you don’t have to take a new bib after each meal again. When they are really dirty you can even put them in the dishwasher. Hallelujah to that! 

Credits: Liewood.com

Different colours and designs

These Liewood  bibs come in a range of nice and neutral colours with names like fauna green, sea blue and dumbo grey (love this one!). You can also get them in those warm and earthy tones that are really on-trend right now such as terracotta, mustard and dark rose. Some of them have a cute little face detail of a cat, a rabbit or a panda and some are just plain. For the plain ones there are 3 colour combinations which you can chose from.  

You can only buy them in a pack of 2 but since both of my sons are still very young and really need to wear a bib, that is actually perfect for me. To exclude any discussion beforehand of who is wearing which bib I wanted to have 2 of the same ones. So I ordered the rabbit pack in blue wave and my boys look really cute with it, although I do say so myself!

But even if you only have 1 kid, it’s still nice to have 2 to vary a little bit depending on your or your kid’s mood. Yes, that really is a thing sometimes. Or you put the second one  in your diaper bag so that you always have your favourite bib with you when you’re eating out in a restaurant.

If you really don’t need 2 bibs, there’s also the Carol package which contains 1 bib, a teether and a handy drinking cup with 2 handles, all made out of the same material. 

Want to try them yourself? You can find all bibs on www.liewood.com

This article has been written by @SURYANI SIX

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