We love: Sacha’s seasonal boots

It feels like the winter doesn’t want to leave Belgium. We have had several storms during the last few weekends and even snow on Tuesday. So even if we’re craving to wear or new sandals and Spring clothes, it have to wait for another few weeks. Luckily Sacha has a great selection of women shoes to get through the season in a fashionable and trendy way!

As a fulltime blogger here on Blogzine.be and being active on a daily base on Instagram, I have no choice than to look for the latest fashion must haves. From clothes, accessories and even shoes, it’s all part of the list of basics that a woman wants to have. And as said before, with the bad weather, I’ve been looking for a pair of boots instead of searching for a nice colored pair of sandals… Let’s blame it on the rain!

There’s always a good excuse to buy a new pair of black boots!

With that being said I went to one of my favorite shoe brands: Sacha! I’ve been shopping my boots there as long as I can remember. They’re mostly all made out of qualitative leathers with fun or trendy details and after years they’re still in my wardrobe as my favorite basics. It was therefor definitely time for a new pair and as said above, there’s always a good excuse to buy a a new pair of black boots so I did.

However as a fashion lover it’s never easy to just pick out one pair you love. Most of the times when I go into a store I never leave it with at least buying two pairs or more items. It’s stronger than myself and I probably have to admit that I have a “choosing” problem. Or maybe I can also use it as an excuse that Sacha just has too many nice women shoes and that it’s therefor so hard to choose only one pair…

In today’s selection I’ve picked my five personal favorites and three of them are already proudly a part of my wardrobe: the laced black boots from the picture of the header, the latest fashion trend – the biker boots – which you can see on the image next to the collage and the buckled boots. Those have been my festival boots for years!

So what about you? Do you also have a couple of black boots that you can’t miss in your wardrobe? Tell me! I would love to get to know your basics. Maybe I might add another pair thanks to you to my collection… Ah! Talking about excuses again… #sorrynotsorry

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with @SACHASHOES

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