We love: Pastels for Spring

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The sun is shining and the stores are starting to sell their Summer clothes. This means that it’s the perfect moment to change our closets. Say goodbye to your winter items and replace them with colorful prints, designs and cute dresses!

Dark shades, thick knits and big coats are history. Now that the sun is shining we need to focus on the new season: Spring! With a closet cleaning and adding vibrant colors, we instantly get happy and more excited for those sunny days! Yes, even during a lockdown as we have even made selection of comfortable outfits to wear at home.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud

Of course it’s obvious that pastels are taking over once the summer is approaching. Every store and collection adds some soft tones in their collection. And as every year, we see bloggers, influencers and fashion-lovers wearing the trend. That’s why we’ve selected our favorites and unmissable items to follow the trend.

Pastels in your daily life

The most easy way to follow the trend is to wear it as your daily outfit. Whether you’re going to the city, take a walk or lay on the beach, pastels can fit for any occasion!

Small bags for summer

If you’re not a fan of pastels, you can also follow the trend by adding some color to your outfit with a bag. Micro-bags are still hot and for Summer, we found some cute designs which you will absolutely love!

The shoes you’ve always wanted

Shoes are made for walking. And they can make every outfit a little bit more special! Therefor we’re sure that these designs will make any of your Spring looks stand out.

Trendy at work

Suits are no longer only made to wear at work. Nowadays we wear them during different occasions. It’s even super trendy to wear over your bikini with a belt or an oversized model in combination with a fluid summer dress. You make the rules, you decide how to wear it!

Vans got it all

Vans is known for their colorful prints and their basics, such as their Black Vans which every one has in their shoes collection. However they positively surprised me with their Summer collection full of pastels, bright colors and trendy items. Vans clearly knew that pastels were going to be hot this season!

#StayAtHome with pastels

It’s not because we’re stuck at home that we can’t be on trend! With these comfortable outfits you can be fashionable while working from home or while watching your favorite Netflix series. And if you go out to do some groceries shopping, put on your fancy joggers!

The cutest gadgets

Last but not least, if you truly love pastels, you can also add it with accessories and gadgets. The earplugs are the perfect example of that! Even sunglasses, earrings or others are the most easy way to add some pastels to your outfit.

If you would wear pastel colors, for which category would you go? At Blogzine we’re definitely team #StayAtHome. However we have to be honest and tell you that the gadgets are absolutely unmissable! And next to that, the Old Skool Vans trainers are a must have. Give us more pastels, please!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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