We Love: Orphelia timepieces for men

That we’re running out of time these days seems far-fetched. But that sometimes we lose track of the hour, that is possible. Fortunately, the Orphelia collection offers relief, thanks to their fantastic collection of watches. Angelo already picked his favourite timepiece from their collection.

“Everyone will look at your watch as it represents who you are, your values and your style – Kobe Bryant”

Made in Belgium

The Orphelia brand is 100% Belgian and founded in Antwerp in 1996. The brand was established out of a shared family passion for creating tasteful watches and jewellery for both men and women. The Belgian label wants to be known as a fashion brand with a special focus on sustainable design. 

Striking in the collection are the beautiful details and fine interiors. Orphelia created each watch or jewel in the collection with a careful knowledge of materials and production methods. 

Angelo’s choice

“As I went through the collection, my eye immediately fell on the Balance watch. I was an instant fan of the inside. Because I do not yet own one with a golden and brown finish, I chose this watch. I am very satisfied with my choice.” – Angelo

The Balance Analogue watch has a Miyota Japanese automatic movement. It includes a date display and features luminous hands & numerals. This time piece is available in 2 display colours (gold/silver) and 2 luxurious leather strap colours (black/brown). 

Price €275,-

Get your Orphelia timepiece now. Thanks to Angelo you get 20% off, if you order today with the code ANGELO20. 

Orphelia Blue Collection

One colour we don’t often see in watches is blue. The Orphelia collection contains five unique wrist watches with a striking blue color. These pieces are perfect to combine with jeans and a t-shirt, but also with a nice light grey costume in summer.

Luxurious packaging 

The brand makes quality and service a strong point. Each Orphelia timepiece comes in a tasteful, luxurious package. The green boxes with a golden accent are reminiscent of high-end boutiques in Paris or Milan. Therefore the watches and jewellery are the perfect gift.

On top of that each wrist watch also comes with a personal warranty card in the box. The watches have a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

And remember: It doesn’t matter if you’re late, as long as you’re wearing Orphelia! Get yours now on their website. Use ANGELO20 to get 20% off.

This article has been written by @ANGELOVEROOFFICIAL in collaboration with Orphelia.

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