We Love: Original handout cookies for communion parties

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Still looking for original ideas for your child’s approaching communion party? Then think especially of something sweet, like the handout cookies from Cookies and Cake. Are you ready?

Nothing says thank you like a delicious cookie.

The communion season is approaching. And that means that your little darling can already start dreaming of his or her big day. A communion or spring celebration always include gifts and cards. And it does not have to be so basic. It can also be something other than the classic picture, right? 

Say hello to communion cookies

Royal icing cookies are the perfect handout gift. They are delicious and can be made in any shape, color, flavor and even with any drawing on top. For example, you can make a mini version of your communicant (even with a bow tie). Or a cookie that perfectly matches the color scheme of the card, and so on. 

DIY boxes

If you want the communion party to be even more special then you can choose a DIY box for the guests at the party.  These are boxes with blank cakes and 4 piping bags with colored royal icing and sprinkles.  This way everyone can have a good time together during the party and then eat their works of art themselves. By the way, on the Cookies and Cake website you will find lots of fun photos to help you decorate.

For other occasions too

For example, are you currently planning a baby shower, wedding, special birthday or something else? Maybe you want to invite your guests in an original way. If so, a cookie invitation is perfect. You can customize everything so it fits perfectly with the card, or even drop the card and completely opt for a custom cookie with all the info.

Fancy making your child’s communion party the tastiest party ever? Or would you like to surprise your guests with an original cookie invitation. Order your cookies, DIY boxes or customized cookies on the website of Cookies and Cake.

This article has been written in collaboration with Cookies and Cakes

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