We Love: Original and Local Gifts For Your Kid’s Communion

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Choosing gifts, it can sometimes be overwhelming. After all, there is so much choice. And how do you make the best choice? We asked Nicky from With Baby Love what gifts she recommends for this communion season. 

The best gifts are the ones you give

With Baby Love is a Belgian webshop that highlights products from amazing Belgian makers. Honest products at a fair price. Perfect as a gift for those who want to be original and like to buy local at the same time. Here are Nicky’s top 5 gift ideas for your kid:

1. Customizable fun for children

Children love to dress up and do crafts. That is why this cardboard airplane is the perfect gift for the creative person. It is first put together with mom or dad. And then it can be personalized by coloring the drawings. This gives your child his own private jet to every nice destination in his dream world.

2. The perfect bed for the true adventurer

A bedroom is probably the place where your child spends the most time and can be completely herself. If your child is a real adventurer, they might not like a typical, standard bed. So opt for this original design that, by the way, you can have colored according to your child’s favorite color. 

3. A watch full of color

Gift your child a revolutionary watch to help them become aware of time faster. The clear structure makes it easier for children to learn to read the clock. The inside of the circle shows the hours and the outside the minutes. In the beginning you can guide them by talking about the colors instead of just the numbers.

4. A foxy best friend

A child’s room should live and change daily because of the clutter or the drawings or crafts … At some point you do not know where to hang everything and you do not want 10 000 holes in the wall. So choose this fun magnetic sticker where you can hang all his artwork with great ease.

5. Statement floor mat for him or her

These mats are finished at the bottom with a solid anti-slip layer so your child can jump and roll around without slipping on his beautiful carpet. They feel super soft to the touch and are also an eye catcher. Even after several children have made the mat dirty, it can be perfectly washed at 30°.

Is your perfect gift among this list? If so, be sure to let us know. Feel free to also take a look at With Baby Love’s website for even more inspiration.

This article has been written in collaboration with With Baby Love

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