We Love: One Week of Poetry in the Spotlight

Credits: Roseline D’Oreye

Are you also a big fan of poetry, just like us? Then you’ll be happy to read this news, because all week long we’re putting the spotlight on poetry. And we do so in a very original way. 

Throughout the week, dedicated to the ‘Week of Poetry’ (26.01 – 01.02), we take you into the wonderful world of Roseline D’Oreye. Every day we will share with you a unique poem on our instagram and highlight one of her silk creations inspired by it.

The Panther

From seeing the bars, his seeing is so exhausted that it no longer holds anything anymore.

To him the world is bars, a hundred thousand bars, and behind the bars, nothing.

The lithe swinging of that rhythmical easy stride which circles down to the tiniest hub is like a dance of energy around a point in which a great will stands stunned and numb.

Only at times the curtains of the pupil rise without a sound . . . then a shape enters, slips though the tightened silence of the shoulders, reaches the heart, and dies.

– Rainer-Maria Rilke 

Wearable Poetry

Inspired by the poem by Rainer-Maria Rilke, this silk square will enchant you by the wildness of its graphics, the depth of its colors and its references to nature. Between the power of the panther and the delicacy of the hummingbird, the colors of this square enchant the wild woman in you with mystery. 

Roseline D’Oreye is a visual artist who translates her view of the world through the stroke of a brush. Her universe is rich in colors, emotions, movement, elements of nature and a kind of magic drawn from the wondering look she has on the world. Now she has found a way to bring her passion and skill into a useful and delicate object, which can be worn at any age, by men and women alike. Her silk creations can be worn as accessories around the neck, on the head, and so on.

You can find more creations by Roseline D’Oreye on her webshop and her boutique in Brussels. Throughout the week we will highlight some special designs on our Instagram. So be sure to take a look. 

This article has been written in collaboration with Roseline D’Oreye

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