We Love: Nillo Ink’s fine line tattoos

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Tattoo’s aren’t longer taboo anymore. More and more people have a special message or design tattooed on their body and they exist in all kinds of colors, styles and shapes. But since a couple of years, fine line tattoos are becoming more popular.

Fine line tattoos are delicate, fragile and satisfying to look at. How can a needle create such a beautiful, minimalistic and fine design? It’s without a doubt a difficult art to manage, but in Belgium we have a very talented tattoo artist called Nillo. He is creating the most amazing fine line tattoos and we’re sure you will get addicted to them as well.

The man behind the tattoo’s

Nathan, the artist behind Nillo Ink, has been creative as long as he can remember. His mom used to bring pencils and crayons everywhere they would go and he spent hours drawing and coloring.

While growing up, Nathan stayed within his creative bubble and followed different artistic projects at school. As his family and teachers were supporting his talent, they let him lead and organize different tasks as well. This helped him to develop his skills, which led to his story that started about ten years ago.

I took the risk as I didn’t want to say “What if?” later on.

At high school, when he was studying Communication management, a docent told him that this wasn’t his place to be. Nathan couldn’t stop drawing and creating. However back then, the tattoo world was very closed, unknown and taboo for many. Old-school designs and tribals were trending, not fine line arts. Therefor he first jumped into the fashion world where he designed several collections. But as it was too commercial, he was craving for the “on the spot” creativity.

Two years ago he decided that it was now or never. And if he couldn’t learn it at a tattoo shop, he would learn it all by himself. It’s exactly what Nathan did: self-taught. He started to build up his skills and since he got picked up by several Belgian celebreties and national press, his bookings are raising up very quickly!

Fine lines and powerful messages

Micro and minimalistic line art tattoos were already famous in the United States, way before it was a trend in Belgium. Nowadays they’re more popular than ever and it’s thanks to celebreties such as Kylie and Kendal Jenner that we can enjoy the trend as well!

The designs are more subtile and delicate. And as they’re often very personal and small, the boundary of getting a tattoo, gets lower. Next to that, there’s no age on placing a fine line art tattoo. You can cover them up very easily and they are trendy for a lifetime!

All designs are created and tattooed by @NILLO_INK


Matching tattoos, to get with your siblings, family or best friend, are popular in fine line art designs. You can get a symbolic sign or initial of a person.

Next to that, flowers and astrologic signs are popular as well. Or what about animals? Get your pet with a mini-tattoo on your skin. Or go for a lion on your underarm. We love any idea!

All designs are created and tattooed by @NILLO_INK

Koen Wauters, Belle Perez, Babs Buelens and Tonya Schamp, already have a Nillo Ink on their skin. Our writer Cindy got an addiction as well and has a new appointment planned in September.

For bookings you can contact Nathan through his website www.nillo-ink.com or his Instagram page @NILLO_INK. And don’t forget to share your designs with us!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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