We Love: Matching Jewelry for Moms and Daughters

Credits: Keelin Design

There’s nothing in this world that compares to the bond between a mother and daughter.  And it deserves to be celebrated, don’t you think? Let’s have a look at some amazing jewelry gift ideas to surprise your mom! 

The love between a mother and her daughter runs incredibly deep. The same way that friends have friendship bracelets or matching tattoos, moms and daughters can have their own special way of showing off their bond to the world: matching jewelry.

Mother-daughter jewelry can be very special and meaningful. It can be something you both own, or an interpretation of something very special for both of you. And you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money to find the perfect matching jewelry. Here’s some inspiration from Belgian based brand Keelin Design

Moon Jewelry

The well-known saying “I love you to the Moon and back” never loses its meaning. It’s all about devotion and how far we’re willing to go for the one we love so deeply. Besides that, the Moon is also an empowering symbol that represents female influence, kindness and intuition as well as the power that women wield throughout the world. The perfect present for the powerful woman that we all are.

Star Jewelry

The perfect jewelry to show how much you love her (inner) sparkle, because every mother and daughter is a star in our eyes.The star also represents spirituality, motivation, guidance and encouragement. It is a symbol of protection and divine guidance. A perfect representation of the mother-daughter bond.

Heart Jewelry

Hearts are always a good idea when it comes to expressing love. They are classic, timeless and elegant. The heart shape is the universal symbol for love, compassion, adoration and unity. As a mother and her daughter grow closer to one another, the heart symbolizes more than just the love for one another. It symbolizes a unified group that can’t be torn down.

Initial Jewelry

Initial jewelry is a trend that can be traced back from the 14th century. And even now, it’s one of the most popular jewelry to wear. Carrying someone’s name with you, holds a sense of comfort and power. Even when far apart, you can feel the person close to you by wearing their initials on your necklace or bracelet. It is therefor the perfect gift to melt a mother’s heart.

All these types of jewelry are a great gift for mothers and daughters of all ages, adding a touch of elegance to your/her wardrobe.

Complimenting earrings, the same necklace, matching bracelets,… These are all great examples of matching jewelry that are great for any gift giving occasion, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas,… But it’s also nice as a “just because” to surprise your daughter on the next mother- daughter date. A big “I love you” from woman to woman, from heart to heart.

You can shop your favorites now on the webshop from Keelin Design. Are you team Heart or Initial? Or do you prefer the Moon or the Stars? 

This article has been written in collaboration with Keelin Design

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