We Love: Manager Appreciation Day Is Coming Up

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Do you have a dream of a manager? Do you go to work super happy every day? Then be sure to let your manager know next Monday, because that’s Manager Appreciation Day. Here are some great ideas if you want to make him or her extra special.

A great manager makes his people want the weekend to go faster.

Feel free to ask any good leader, any successful manager; what makes them happiest is when their team performs well and is super happy at work at the same time. Good managers build an environment where people want to show themselves at their best without feeling pressure to do so. These are the kind of leaders people want to work for and this is the kind of leader we would like to highlight on Monday, January 23 during Manager Appreciation Day. Make it clear with words. With colleagues, make a box of compliments or write a nice message. 

If you really want to show your appreciation for your responsible manager with something tangible, then you can also gift some tasty surprises. Our recommendation are the gifts from Studio Glitter & Goud. Nadia is an expert in giving happiness moments and on her webshop you will find gifts for all occasions. We chose these gifts for Manager Appreciation Day:

Chocolate treat

Even your boss loves to indulge in a little sweet treat once a while at work, don’t you think? Give your manager one (or more) boxes of the delicious chocolate hippos. A box contains 4 individually wrapped chocolates. You can get them in three different flavors:

Delicious table water for the office

Water is good for the mind and body. But that’s why water doesn’t just have to be boring and tasteless. Provide a special moment of happiness the next time your manager asks for a glass of water. Gift a tasty mix to make flavored table water. Our favorites are these two:

Party drinks on you

Is alcohol at work not a problem at your office or can there be a drink after work every now and then? Then gift your manager a nice liqueur. Our favorite is the Very Berry Carumbola Rum, a premium Caribbean rum with natural juices of red berries – acai, raspberry, cranberry and elderberry.

Whatever you do or gift doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you make it clear to your manager that you appreciate his or her way of leading your team. Because that’s what Manager Appreciation Day is all about. Share your appreciation moment with us via @blogzine.be and #MyManagerIsTheBest. 

This article has been written by Angelo Vero

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