We Love: Indulging together on Hot Tub Day

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Let’s make 2023 the year we take more time for our mental health and enjoy ourselves. January 8 is Hot Tub Day and we don’t want you to miss it. We give you some tips for the perfect relaxation moment and some hotspots in your neighborhood.

Happiness is a warm hot tub on a cold day.

A hot tub is the perfect we-time moment for those who want to get together with their partner for an hour of pure relaxation. If your hot tub is in the garden, we suggest you plan your me-time moment either with the winter sun on your face or romantically under the stars. 

Prepare your we-time moment well and have some delicious snacks and drinks ready. If you have a projector at home, choose your favorite movie while bathing together. 

By the way, it’s totally okay if you want this we-time moment to be a me-time moment only! You deserve some time off every now and then. 

Enjoying a hot tub the right way

Obviously want to enjoy worry-free, therefore keep in mind the following; not all products are suitable for a hot tub. You should not just pour bath foam or shampoo into a bath. It is best to choose a special bubble bath oil, so that you don’t clog up your pipes. 

We recommend the oils from WellnessBasics. You can find in different scents: pine, eucalyptus, fitness, lavender and rosemary.

No hot tub at home? These are the best places near you to enjoy a hot tub:

B&B Colette in Kallo, Beveren


Cabanne in Ardooie


Het Wellnest in Zonhove


Ô Siam in Schaarbeek


Whether you enjoy a we-time moment together or a me-time moment alone on Hot Tub Day, none of it matters! We only hope you get some well deserved relaxation and this is the start of an amazing year! Share your relaxation moment with us via @Blogzine.be and #thankyoublogzine.

This article has been written by @Angelo Vero

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