We Love: Hodelpa Hotels as an Event Venue

Credits: Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando

It may not come as a big surprise now that we live here, but we are writing more and more articles about the Caribbean. Because although we still focus on the Belgian market, we would also like to show why we are so in love with the Dominican Republic. One of those reasons is Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando.

Staying in the colonial city

Hodelpa is one of the hotels that we mention at every opportunity to anyone who asks us. It is the hotel of choice in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Here you truly sleep in an elaborate piece of history.

The setting is reminiscent of Spanish haciendas from sweet novels or movies. It’s a blend of comfort and traditional decor like you won’t find another.

Even if we don’t sleep there ourselves, we often go back to enjoy a day of relaxation by the pool, a nice typical paella or a Cuba Libre, Mojito or Piña Colada.

The perfect location for any event

Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando is part of the Hodelpa Hotels. This is a well known group of beautiful hotels in the country for their versatility and unique character. That’s why many event organizers look to Hodelpa for a wedding proposal, wedding party or corporate event.

I chose to organize a brunch for Oscar’s birthday at their fantastic venue last summer. My preference was to host it on the outdoor patio near the fountain. The great thing about hosting an event at Hodelpa is that the venue is so big that you can have multiple events at the same time and not even realize that there are other people there. The area near the fountain is also in the farthest part and has a nice view of the river.

At hodelpa they have an in-house event team that can help you source everything you need for your event, such as furniture rental, decorations, music, food, etc. But you can also do everything yourself, according to their standards and in consultation.

Next to hosting events they also have different halls and conference rooms that you can book upon request. We used one of their meeting rooms when we stayed over in the beginning of July. The was really nice, more than big enough and it had a great view.

A wedding in the Dominican Republic

More and more foreigners are coming to celebrate their wedding in the Dominican Republic. And I can’t blame them. You really have everything here. Good food, very nice people and almost always good weather all year round. Something we can only dream of in Belgium.

The Dominican Republic is about a ten-hour flight from Brussels to Santo Domingo. The colonial city is a half-hour drive from the airport. The hottest and most humid months of the year are April through October. In December and January, the temperature is more pleasant and it is less humid. So if you are planning a Caribbean wedding, you can do it the whole year round. High season here is the same as high season back home. Which means that October and November or February and March are the cheapest months to come here.

Photo Credits: Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando – Instagram

Would you like to organize your own wedding or business event in the Dominican Republic? Send us a message, we will be happy to help you!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando

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