We Love: Hip and sustainable bow ties for communion and spring celebrations

Credits: Brainbows.be

2022 is the first year since the pandemic in which we are again allowed to party freely, without measures. So time for unique and original outfits! Are you still looking for a cool accessory for your child’s communion party? Then read this article.

With a bowtie, the party is really all about your kid!

Bow ties have been making a huge comeback, because they can make an outfit look instant cool, or very cute. We also see them pop-up more often in the range of party clothing for children, and rightfully so! Belgian brand Brainbows makes bowties for both young and old. They are available in a wide range of colors to fit any look and party. Each piece is handmade with love and consists of an eco-friendly kids size bow tie with an elastic and adjustable neck strap.

The most popular colors from the kids’ collection are ‘Sweet Caramel’ (cognac) and ‘The Blue Prince’ (cobalt blue). But our favorite is the bold looking ‘Hello Little Sunshine’  in mustard yellow.

Not just cute 

Besides the fact that your kid will look adorable, a bow tie has many advantages. Unlike a classic tie, a bow tie doesn’t start moving in all the wrong ways. It’s very easy to put on and the adjustable strap makes sure it fits everyone.

Bow ties come in all sorts of shapes, colors and prints. At Brainbows they work with non traditional materials, such as cork leather and wood. The cork leather it’s a sustainable and vegan alternative to leather which is recyclable and biodegradable. And the best part: if any spills should occur, no problem, because cork is water-repellent. So just rinse it under the tap, let it dry and you’re done!

Twinning or personalized 

The bows are available in small and large, so if dad and son want to do a twinning look, they can. Brainbows also offers personalization in the form of a custom engraving. This way, the apple of your eye has a completely unique bow and a beautiful keepsake from his big day. 

You can find the bows on their website and also in the stores of CDKN with friends in Ghent, Antwerp, Wijnegem, Sint-Niklaas and Ninove.

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