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Spring is around the corner. Fresh and colourful clothing collections are filling the fashion stores. So it is time to start talking about the “Hermès Beauty” line launch. Our beauty editor Joke is telling you why this collection is a must have in your beauty bag!

You probably could have guessed it, simply because it’s all over the socials, but Hermès came out with a makeup line and we love it! To launch with success, they’ve created a range of 24 luxurious lipsticks.

The collection is named ‘Birkin’, after their iconic bag that’s still on so many girls and women’s wish list. Hermès is without any doubt a brand that stands for luxury and so is their new beauty line.

Rouge d’Hermès

The lipstick shades are mostly classic colours such as red, nude and pink shades. You also have some vibrant colours like orange and purple, based on the colours they’re known for in their fashion collection. The collection has two types of finishes: the matte, referring to their Birkin bag, and the satin finish which is a direct link to their well-known scarves.

To make you understand the story a little bit better, I’m sharing with you a small piece of important history of the brand.

Hermès is known for its minimalistic designs. You can see it always all in the little details of their work. The brand started in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris. Thierry Hermès never had the intensions to start a luxury brand. Actually, he wanted to serve the needs of European noblemen by providing saddles, bridles and other leather riding gear.

The luxury branch started when Thierry’s Charles-Émile Hermès moved the company’s shop to 24 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, the same place where the headquarters are located at this day.

Grace kelly

Hermès’ product range grew through generations and became iconic by a bag that originally was called the ‘Sac à dépêches’ bag. The same bag Grace Kelly wore in her hands to hide her pregnant belly for the paparazzi in 1945. She was shy, just married and she didn’t want to make her pregnancy public right away. Her beloved Hermes bag helped her to hide the belly. 

Needless to say that the picture became extremely popular all over the world, it has taken over lots of magazine covers. That’s when the ‘Sac à dépêches’ bag was given his new name the ‘Kelly bag’.

Hermès saw 2020 as the year where they wanted to introduce a make-up line and they were right! They actually took their first steps in to the beauty world when they created ‘Eau d’Hermès’ in 1949. Many fragrances have followed ever since such as Terre d’Hermès, Eau des Merveilles, Hermès d’Oranges Verte and also Twilly which is one of Cindy’s favorite perfumes.

1. Hermès Eau des Merveilles, €100,90 // 2. Hermès d’Oranges Verte, €66,90 // 3. Hermès Terre d’Hermès, €69,50 // 4. Hermès Twilly d’Hermès, €56,90

Luxury for the lips

With that small history class, I can securely say that they have grown into of one of the biggest and most well known luxury brands in the world.

Even though I will probably never be able to buy a Birkin or Kelly bag, thanks to their makeup line we can now all add a little bit of Hermès luxury into our lives. My lips are very happy with it too! What about you? Do you love their lipstick collection?

The Rouge d’Hermès, €62,-

In addition the lipstick holder is almost completely plastic free. Only the little stick where the lipstick sits in, is made from plastic. And the cover where the lipstick is in, is refillable. A refill only costs you €38,-. It’s a double win for sure!

This article has been written by @JOKELEHOUCK.

All pictures are owned by Hermès.

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