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The search for the perfect gift is one we often start off with a sigh. You’re looking for something personal, something that shows you’ve chosen it thoughtfully, of which you know: this will be loved and kept forever… But finding that something can be quite stressful. Unless you read this article! 

If the annual gift shopping usually causes you more stress than fun, this gift guide is our gift to you! Thanks to the Maxime Thys gift guide picking the right gift has just become a lot easier. 

Think about your loved one and ask yourself who she (or he) reminds you of. Or what description suits her best from the list below: 

The quote lover 

There’s always that one friend who has an opinion ready. Or that friend with a healthy sense of humor. The Maxime Thys Quotees are a the perfect gift for those who love good (and super comfy) basic clothing with not-so-basic quotes. Choose between a sweatshirt or t-shirt, pick the color and the quote that suits them … and just like that, you’ve just put together the perfect gift!

That one special person

You’re obviously crazy about your entire entourage, but there is still that one person who deserves to be put in the spotlight this year and be honest, nothing says “I love you” – whether platonic or romantic – like a pièce unique does. A unique piece, made with love, for that one-of-a-kind person, that’s what the handmade collection is all about. 

The fashion lover

That one friend who reads all the magazines, who is always on top of the latest trends & always wears the cutest clothes … That person is bound to be happy with one of these limited edition pieces. Their focus lies on comfort and style. There are plenty of comfy sweatsuits available, t-shirts with unique prints and sweaters that will get everyone through the colder winter months. 

The collector

Maxime Thys is a creative artists who makes a lot of fun prints and designs. These fun gadgets are the perfect gift for collectors or can serve as a nice extra to a larger gift. You can order them in a multipack, which is even more interesting as it allows you to fill several packs. You can choose between different stickers, matte or holographic, unique pins and key chains.

The eternal doubter

A giftcard is a simple, yet very effective gift. Still not sure what to choose from the list above? Then order a giftcard! You can choose the value of the voucher and have the option to either receive it digital or digital & physical (so you can even put it under the Christmas tree). The biggest advantage? You can’t do anything wrong with this one! The recipient can freely choose his/her own gift. 

Picked the right gift for your loved one? Then your job is now done! Just leave it to Maxime Thys to create a beautiful gift package. Your recipient will love happily the unwrapping. 

This article has been written in collaboration with Maxime Thys

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