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The most fun day of the year is approaching and we want you to be all set. We’ve listed some of our favorite webshops and items to help you get ready for Dress Up Your Pet Day. 

The best therapist has fur and four legs.

This Saturday, January 14, is “Dress Up Your Pet” day. Yes, our sweet little furry friends may already be the cutest in the whole world and don’t need any extras at all. But as long as your pet feels comfortable, it can still be fun to go for a crazy or colorful or matching look for a day, isn’t it? Here’s some inspiration: 

Neck accessory

If you want a fun look, but it certainly doesn’t have to be overdressed, choose a cute bow tie or bandana. You can find cute ones at Hond en Zoé and at Wafstore.

Photo Credits: Hond en Zoé


Thanks to these cute sweatshirts from Babelle, your four-legged friend will be the trendiest walking around. We are already a big fan of the Picasso Sweatshirt.

Photo Credits: Babelle

Specs for dogs

Not only are these fun glasses for dogs mega cool, they are also super good for your dog. These glasses protect your dog from sunburn from prolonged walks in the sharp sun or during days with massive snowfall.  The Rex Specs goggles are our most recommended brand and you can shop them at Euro Joe.

Photo Credits: Euro Joe

Non-slip shoes for dogs

At Little Dogs you can find a pair of shoes for your dog for €15.75. These will complete any look. And the shoes are non-slip, so walk easily.

Photo Credits: Little Dogs

Worth mentioning

If you prefer to spoil your pet with a tasty treat or something else instead of dressing up, we recommend these nice web shops: 

– For Dogs and Cats:

– For Dogs only:

If you are participating in “Dress up your pet” day, share your coolest photos with us on Instagram via @blogzine.be, #dressupyourpetday and #kleedjehuisdieraandag2023.

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